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12v television


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Be careful. A television with a 12v mains adapter is not suitable long term on a unstable power supply on your boat. 

The PSU with these TVS output a constant 12v DV voltage. 

Your boat's power supply will vary from 0v to 14.4v (ish) when charging. A 12v TV that is not designed to work with this changing power supply and its life will shorten. Not only this, it will invalidate the guarantee.

You can regulate the 12v supply on the boat using a stabilised power supply called a DC-DC converter, but I have never tried. 


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I don't know what boat you've got, how many batteries it has or if it has an outboard on inboard engine which would greatly effect your charging of the batteries depending which one you have.

You can buy 12v televisions - they are expensive for what they are and often aimed at the caravan/boat market, or you can buy a normal everyday television and a cheap 150w inverter to power it.  Sure, using an inverter will use a bit more energy to 'convert' the 12v to 240v as they are never 100% efficient at this process, but then how much actual time would you spend in front of the television?  

I own this inverter, and it has proved very handy when needed: Link

It would also mean you could run other things easily like a small low energy lamp, or charge a phone/laptop.

As to 12v Televisions here is an example: Link

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We bought a 12v TV a few years ago for the caravan.  It was very expensive and far less reliable than the cheap 240v one we were using at home at the time.  To cut a long story short, it annoyed me once too often and got binned when we bought another caravan where 12v TV's were not needed.  


Unless they have improved over the years, as Robin says, expect some expense and not necessarily the reliability.



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We bought a Cello not from this place I am giving the link to but it just shows you the examples.    It worked perfectly well it had a power adapter which converts to either 12v or 240 v if on the mains.    





This was the TV we had on board but rather large for a small boat.   You can get some lovely little TVs.







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A company called TV Village sell a Cello (British made and supplied to stores such as Debenhams) 12 volt 22 inch with DVD for £175. It can record to and play back from a USB stick. Only uses 17 watts and comes supplied with a regulated supply which can be used on 12/24 or 30 volts to a cigar type connector. Also supplied with mains lead.


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