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recycling time this evening, having just had a shift around in the office at work, it was a case of short drawers in long slots, leaving a gap between the desks about 400mm square, now what to do here, its a dead paper trap, difficult to get anything out if it drops in. unfortunately the desks either side are different heights, about 6mm difference.

so some cover plates have been made, to fill the holes, an old ply wardrobe back has been recycled, and strips glued to it (to stop the wood sliding into the hole) by tomorrow the glue should be dry and I will give it a quick coat of wax polish, then it will be ready for the office.

on a side note the pillar drill stand is complete, just need to bolt the drill to it now.



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This mornings boot fair found a whole lot of accessories for the workshop, from large drill bits for the pillar drill, to a second table vice similar to one I already have, and on one stall what must have been a machinists tool box, all sorts of small metal marking out tools and what appear to be small profile shaping tools- maybe for shaping brass in a lathe. £20 total spend, a tool expert who I know and met as I was buying them told me the eclipse hacksaw blades I got were worth £2 each, and I got those and all the marking tools for just £3






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3 hours ago, grendel said:

rust cleaned off and all items protected with some car wax polish. I have cut down my old galvanised steel bench top, and fitted it to part of my work bench, I now have a decent top to do  really messy jobs on. next I really have to crack on with model #2.


I really do like your drill holsters.

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