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And Now For Something Completely Different


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Ok, I am a dog person rather than a cat one, however, this year a cat seems to have decided that this just isn't good enough and is trying to make me mend my ways. He/she now seems to find me whenever I'm in the garden and demands a fuss.

In the past, he and any other cat that wandered into our garden (and there were many) would take one look at me and treat me with utter contempt. All cats did this and I was used to it, but  now, this one cat is giving me one last chance to redeem myself. I freely admit that I'm becoming rather fond of him/her

Two weeks ago, I thought I saw a wound or bite or something on the back of his neck. I should point out that this cat is pure white (and has one green eye and one blue one) so marks in the fur are easily spotted. I saw 'Spooky' as I call him/her (... Oh hell, for the sake of argument we'll say him) last week and the marks were quite pronounced, such that I could just see a tiny bit of skin rather than just thinned fur.

I have just come in from the garden where Spooky came visiting for his fuss. He now has a bald patch there roughly 2" round. He doesn't let me look at it and won't let me pick him up. He never has.

This bald patch doesn't look shaved though it could be. If it is shaved then I think it safe to say he's being treated, if however it is not from being shaved then there is a worsening of the problem. I have no idea who owns the cat, the neighbours don't know either, so I'm hurtling towards a bit of a dilemma. Do I take the cat to the vet or what? I'm not really in a position to take on vets bills on behalf of someone else but I'll not see the poor chappie suffer. At the moment it seems to bother me  far more that it bothers him! Please advise!!!

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I'd ring the local vets and ask them if they have treated a white cat recently. If they haven't then 'ol Spooks has made a hell of a journey to come and see you. Check to see if there is a Blue Cross near you too, as if the owners were a bit short of readies they may have taken him/her there instead as a donation is cheaper than paying top dollar.

Don't bother with the Cats Protection League as they follow the RSPB guide to donation and animal welfare. My good friend Bill died and left the CPL the proceeds of the sale of his house. Even though Bill had just left them £90K they refused to help rehome Bill's two cats.

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It sounds as though this cat has been in a fight, and won it!

Vets will tell you that if a cat has won a fight he will have scratches around the back of the head, but if he lost it, they will be around his rump near the tail, inflicted as he ran away!

One way or another the scratches will be infected and need antibiotics. If he were already being treated, he would be in a cat collar, and would not have been allowed outside during the treatment.

So I'm afraid it is up to you, by the sound of it.

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Bald patches - for those 'Umans' that have got bald patches - here's what you should do.  Go visit a tatoo artists (They call them body artists nowadays apparently) and get some rabbits tattooed on the bonce.




Coz from a distance they look like Hares :naughty:rofl

Ok, just getting my coat right now (We are too, walking out to our local pub for our dinner this evening in 2 minutes 'Eagle and Child' Auckley)


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On ‎05‎/‎09‎/‎2016 at 3:13 PM, MauriceMynah said:

I have no idea who owns the cat, the neighbours don't know either, so I'm hurtling towards a bit of a dilemma

OK, This is what you need to do.......

Kidnap the cat (I was going to say catnap, but nearly dozed off), keep it locked in a room for about a week.

After this week, take a walk around the local area to see if someone has stuck a missing cat notice on a lamp post..

Owner found.....:naughty:


you could be lucky and they will be offering a reward...:naughty::naughty:

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