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Fantasy Broads


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Fantasy football...just been asked to take part. So what's that all about? As a Newcastle supporter we live in a fantasy world most Saturdays but what if there was a game of Fantasy Broads Authority? An app for your phone?

My Dream Team...

CEO Jenny Morgan
Health and Safety Maurice Mynah
In charge of dickie birds Griff
Heritage Vaughan, Marshman & Wussername
Access 'ole Pesky himself
Drink Awareness Grace
Flappy things Q
Technology Jonzo

Any that I missed out?

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Thank you for including me in your Dream Team, Tim, I will certainly do my bit to make people aware of drinking, I would also like to job share this role with Charlie. I will start now.......

Must have's for a boating holiday on the Broads

Red Wine

White Wine

Real Ales


Lagers (sorry Mr Nog)

The odd bottle of bubbly doesn't go amiss either :naughty:

We should also include

Broads pub watch Norfolk Nog

Shopping experiences in Broadland (shoes) Carole

Engineering and maintenance of moorings Eric (which should also include the best way to cook a sausage sandwich on a boat) :naughty:




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Fiscal responsibilities hmmm...tough one! Depends on whether we are saving money..in which case it would be Broadscot and myself. Can you imagine the savings that a combination of Scots and Jewish/Yorkshireman could make? However there would be pay rises across the board for BA employees, you know the ones that actually do the work.

Then there would be the new tolls policy to implement...river tolls would remain the same with toll payers and locals provided with an exemption card for the carpark meters which would automatically add a £10 toll fee, £50 on nature reserves and £60 per coach entering the Broads area so that everyone funds the Broads.

Griff would have his work cut out spotting ducks that haven't been tolled! 

Planning would be a tricky one. I would of course have planning retained under BA authority...until Maurice Mynah's Northern Broads Potter Heigham Bridge Bypass Canal is built. 

Of course the Spirit of Breydon would have to go and be replaced with a Viking Longship with Grendel stood on the prow with a large axe. You would be amazed where those Vikings could get to!


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Marketing and advertising - London Rascal - the job has Robins name all over it:party:

I'd like to volunteer as Grace and Carole's shoe buffer/monitor - that should be a job for life:bow

I'd love to be in-charge of monitoring 24hr moorings for over staying. CCTV on all moorings fed to my home office with a remote control water canon on each mooring. Maybe drones to drop eggs and flour on them. 

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