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Apologies if this has been covered before and I've not been paying attention! 

We moored at what was Moonfleet for some water. We noticed there was empty space on their Quay so Mrs Nog went to make enquiries. They very kindly said we could moor there for a few hours as Richardsons looked very full. 

Nice woodie being slipped too. 

But I just wondered, what the form is, is it a takeover, have Moonfleet/Richardsons sold out? 


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Griff is correct.

Gavin is the new custodian of Zephyr with Cesar and Max the lab.

His handle here is thasarummun and we look forward to seeing Zephyr out and about after some TLC from Phil and the boys.

After the sale of the boatyard Phil stayed and is the General Manager there and silll doing a great job. 

Gavin will soon get used to everyone knowing what Zephyr is doing..LOL The price of fame ....he he... only kidding, although a shock at first it is incredibly nice that folks take such an interest and in a community like this one you're never far from a friendly bit of advice or even practical help. We consider everyone here to be friends we just haven't met yet.


Martin / Fiona and Boris and Monty the airedales

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LOVE this: like a child being watched out of school :) We are HOPING that she's able to get back to the Wetshed this weekend so we can get aboard and prepare for Christmas :)

Can't wait to meet everyone - works (as always) were a bit prolonged but will be very relieved to hear she is not sinking soon.

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On 12/13/2017 at 16:46, Boatingman said:

Hi Howard

Yes the yard as reverted back to its original owners the Simpson family

There is a post here somewhere with details


You really can't make this stuff up.:default_biggrin:

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