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Afloat Again

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Katie and I are up for the week , quick visit this a.m. in Boulters (starboard rocket cover gasket , did the port two weeks ago).

Then a gentle cruise around the Northern rivers , we were originally going South but since we couldn’t start on Sunday we decided against it .

We moored last night at Boulters so they could fit gasket first thing to a cold engine .

awoke this morning to an incredible lightning display overhead accompanied by earth shaking thunder .







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Gentle cruise today to a beautiful Salhouse , moored up early and spent most of the day relaxing in the shade , too bl***y hot to be out in the sun .

Hoping to get in at Womack tomorrow as The Kings Arms has live music , and we need some fresh supplies from the butchers , and shock horror Katie is running out of ciggies 


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1 hour ago, CambridgeCabby said:

Bacon sandwich time !!

Lovely pics once again CC, but surely it's got to be some sausage first thing in the morning?

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12 hours ago, CambridgeCabby said:

We decided to remain on the staithe and had a very good steak dinner in the Swan , can you believe 20:15 on a Friday evening and still room on the staithe 

Had a quick mercy mission up to Thurne tonight and the Ferry had spaces although two moored stern on, cockshoot only 3 boats, Horning church one space St Benets 4 or 5 spaces and very quiet on the rivers.


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I wonder if it’s anything to do with the number of boats due to go out tomorrow? If boats were out on short breaks this week, Monday to Friday, but have been booked for a full week from tomorrow, there might well be a brief period of quiet tonight - if you see what I mean! 

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The Monday to Friday boats stay just that throughout the season. When it comes back in, it could go out for 3 nights Friday to Monday, or 7 nights Friday to Friday. The boatyards will have others that are Saturday to Saturday, or Saturday to Tuesday and Tuesday to Saturday.. This way, the boats are not lying unused and unbookable for that one night in the yard.

Which does not explain why the rivers are quieter than usual. Hoseasons report that there are still 24 classes of cruiser available to hire from tomorrow - according the the BBC, the busiest weekend of the year for people travelling to their holidays.

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Last night so popped into Ranworth for a change , saw Malanka and Orca moored up (they left before I could say hello) , managed to get on the cab rank , Broad Ambition arrived and moored up on the front of the staithe , where she made a wonderful backdrop for a wedding party’s photo , 



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On 27/07/2019 at 17:45, marshman said:

Interesting to see the stern on moorings at the Ferry - that is not permitted!!!!

They was probably just turning around and got stuck so decided to head in for a pint!

On 27/07/2019 at 15:11, CambridgeCabby said:

Last night so popped into Ranworth for a change , saw Malanka and Orca moored up

Ahh sorry we missed you, we only stopped in quickly for some refills, I think the night before we stopped on the island for a BBQ :) 

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