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Don't Cast Clout Till May Is Out.


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Don't cast clout till May is out.
It is cold. Bitter cold winds. There is warmth in the sun. However, it brings comfort but a  welcome to a summer which is several weeks away. Even then it may be a false dawn. We can only wait and see.
But what does the the phrase actually mean.

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It is getting late. I am tired. Had a couple of tonsil rinses. A most delightful red from the Barroso Valley. Surreptitiously i had an additional little swifty when my present dealy beloved retired to bed. In the west wing. I sleep in the east wing.

I will enlighten you further tomorrow on this most interesting subject......hic!


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It is one of the worst scenarios for Growers:-

A warm March, followed by hard April Frosts.

Further south is also not immune, French Wine Growers are battling to save their harvest for the second year running.



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Always remember. Old man Pettingell. Reed cutter family from Haddiscoe marshes saying.

Beggar me boi thart be the problem wi Norfolk. There's nutten to stop thart blasted wind tween here und Siberia.

(Translation services available for non Norfolkians)

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As promised I am now in a position after much deliberation and research to enlighten you as to a different slight on the actual meaning of “do not cast clout until May is out”.

There will of course be the usual hoots of derision from those who do not support the Flat Earth Society and other reputable organisations of repute.

A clout of course is a fishing lure, designed on the fall, to provide an irresistible shimmy to the fish. To cast is to take a measured and controlled stance on the river side, bank or river if wearing substantial wellies, lob the lure in a calculated manner to fall within an inch from the fishes nose. (this may explain why they don’t seem to catch much)  

May? The month, May the flower or perhaps the Mayfly. Who knows?

There you have it.

Now. A bit of silliness in these difficult times. A conundrum. Those who know the answer immediately, just say I know the answer, or not answer at all, do not spoil it for others.

You are travelling down the river Bure. You wish to go to Womack. You have been told to ask for directions as to when you need to turn. You will meet twins at Ranworth. Young men who will advise if you ask. The Ant, or the Thurne?

One twin will always tell the truth.

One twin will always tell a lie, deliberately an untruth.

What is the question you need to ask, just one question, to either brother to arrive at the truth.

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