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Can We Have A Thread On Engine Runner's?


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Every connoisseur seems to have one 😲 

Couple that with the loudest exhaust on any Broads boat 😲 

Plus the dreadful lack of maintenance by the current owners of the hire boats 😲 I for one wish they had never been fitted in the first place 😭

Yes I know I am going to get lambasted again but I will lower myself from my high perch and actually speak to other boaters 😲 AND even those who hire boats 😲

A connoisseur hirer had taken over his boat from a well known boatyard at around 1400 and has run of power by 2000 that very evening.

Not just the blooming "run engine" light coming on but totally run out of power including the starter battery.

The next morning an engineer turned up and replaced the entire battery bank πŸ‘ The engineer then said that " this is most unusual"Β 

Unfortunately this resulted in all within earshot almost falling in the river laughing.

This was a self confessed boat enthusiast who had over 50 hire's under his belt.Β 

He was fairly desperate to get on shore power to avoid a repeat performance.

I suppose it is credit to hire company that they fit shore power to these elderly boats 😎

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8 minutes ago, FlyingFortress said:

I suppose it is credit to hire company that they fit shore power to these elderly boats 😎

I'd give them even more credit if they fitted enough serviceable batteries and a means to charge them with around 4 hours running.Β  Some if the boats have not been out of the water over winter and look knackered already!

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The hirer has little understanding of batteries, heating a boat, hot water. Indeed the water tank. It was the wonder tank. You would always wonder what was in it.

It relates back to 20, 30 years ago. Some of these boats are still in service.

The principle still survives.Β 

Keep the battery charged.

You get what you pay for


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To be fair to the hirer, the batteries were probably mostly flat when they took over the boat. The previous hire probably moored relatively close to the yard on the last night used power then only ran the engine for a short while to get back to the yard. If the shore power hadn't been plugged in then i doubt the batteries were well charged.

I am surprised that the engine battery was flat, I always assumed that it was isolated from the house batteries by some sort of blocking diode, but perhaps that is wishful thinking.

I would have thought that fitting uprated alternators, smart chargers and maybe a solar panel would easily pay for itself with reduced call outs and fewer replacement batteries.

In the last month we have hired two boats from a yard that has a number of the old connoisseurs (we didn't have a connoisseur, both of our boats were, shall we say, more regal?) The shore power connection only seemed to run a battery charger. The sockets all ran from the inverter.

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7 hours ago, FlyingFortress said:

I suppose it is credit to hire company that they fit shore power to these elderly boats

It was fitted when they were still in France.

Difference being, In France you can use it but on the Broads there are nowhere near enough shore power points so it cannot be relied on. Β It's that ever-recurring word again : infrastructure.

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