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Electricity Cards


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7 hours ago, 750XL said:

Don't suppose anyone has a few electric cards they aren't likely to be using again in the near future? Will obviously pay full price for them plus postage.

Looking at 2-3 probably, as we're only there a week.

If not, hopefully Herby Woods have some.


They don’t expire, so will still be usable if you return to The Broads at a future date.  The only difference maybe the amount of electricity they buy you.

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On 22/09/2023 at 13:28, Troyboy said:

It's always good to have a couple of electric cards just in case but most of the time the posts have enough left on them to see you through the night. 

One kind person left £10.40p at Acle last week,that has to be a record, or is it?

How on earth can this happen?

Elec meter.jpg

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Paul, the £10.40 could be courtesy of a sparks working on the 'lecky point. We were fortunate to be moored at Dilham some years back when the points were being installed. We provided the guys installing said post with cuppas and a loo, when they finished safety testing and making sure the card reader worked they left us with just under a fiver on the meter!

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5 hours ago, kpnut said:

My record is £22.76 left at ranworth last autumn. And I found £16 something on the post at the ferry house, Surlingham. 

Ferryhouse posts read Kwh not £ so that would explain it, I seem to recall when first installed your £3 got 23.08 Kwh which is plenty for a full weekend.(for me anyway)

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3 hours ago, MargeandParge said:

I think it's the same at Beccles with the KWH Malarkey. 

Kindest Regards Marge and Parge 

Yes it is, different posts from the standard ba posts.

At least in kwh you can work out what you need, we've done it at beccles wanting to zap a chinky the next evening so turned off the immersion heater so we could run the microwave for 10 minutes,  the chinky was lovely by the way,  left overs from the pearl garden in loddon a couple of days earlier. 

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We were moored at Ranworth earlier on in the season and Hire boat pulls in next to us. They ask how to use the electric, we tell them and off they go to the shop to buy the cards. I show them how to put the 1st pound but apparantly “they needed to charge phone and run hairdryers” so they add another £4. They left 3 hours later with £4.70 credit still left 🤷‍♂️


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