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myhermese parcel couriers


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When I read "myheremese", I thought it might have been a typo, but I see from Googling it that it certainly is a trading name.


I don't know what the exact setup is with the "Hermes" courier company, but the logo is similar so i guess it may be a direct to the Public front that they may have started.


I've used Hermes many times, usually via the "Parcel2go" booking agency.


They've never lost or damaged anything of mine, though speed can vary greatly. Their charges are the lowest I've ever used, probably because they make extensive use of self-employed delivery drivers, often using normal cars, for items up to a certain size, as Matt has said.

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One of my interests is vintage electronics and I have bought a few old radios on ebay which have been delivered by MyHermes couriers. As Matt says they seem to use private cars and give good service. The parcels I have had delivered have all arrived in one piece which is more than I can say for Parcelforce – I’m sure they drop everything from great height on principle even when clearly marked as fragile.   two guns  I certainly would never use Parcelforce.

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I always use www.interparcel.com and often choose MyHermes, our local guy is great for collecting and delivering, the one good thing about them using a local guy to operate an area they get to know where you like things left when your not home and you don't get 'sorry missed you please call to arrange another deliver'. I have never had a problem but they do not always have the best reputation. 

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thanks for the comments folks


I have had problems and wondered if it was a one off or if they are bad.



an old boy I know locally has become really ill and unable to walk without


support and as he does not have much cash, I said I would look and


see if I could get a mobility walker for him that dident cost the earth.



on the 18th of October I bought a mobility walker on ebay. and it still has not


been delivered.



Current parcel status: Parcel delayed in transit

Awaiting collection
29/10/2013 05:03 Awaiting collection by myHermes %
Parcel collected by myHermes
29/10/2013 10:28 Collected by the courier % 30/10/2013 14:05 Received at the sender's local depot %
On its way to the courier
31/10/2013 06:55 Sorted at national hub % 01/11/2013 04:24 Parcel delayed in transit


I contacted them and they said sorry so I waited and still nothing so I contacted


the seller and he had a go ........ still nothing.


now they say its on its way back to the seller.



Response By E-mail (Alice) (09/11/2013 05.50 PM)
Good Afternoon,
Thank you for your email.
Further to our recent investigation we have been advised by the courier that this parcel was updated for a return to sender yesterday. Your parcel will be back with you within the next 3-5 working days.
We do apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused you.
If you require any further information do not hesitate to contact the Myhermes team.
Customer Service Advisor
myHermes Support



my answer to this was not as polite ..................



To: myHermes Support
From: Jill R .............. Sent: 10 November 2013 01:17:02 To:

myHermes Support (myherm

hi alice
you say you are returning my parcel (mobility walker ) to the sender ..... WHY ????
I am the person who bought and paid for it and I want it delivered here to my address asap
I think I have been very patient so far. agreed ????
I bought this item on 18/10/2013 and the seller was delayed posting until
you received it on 29/10/2013 and you've had it for 13 days and now your telling
me that it will be returned to sender.
I am not happy
I need this mobility walker so please let me know whats happening and why, asap
hopefully it still may soon show up in one piece.
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Yes, a very poor service Jill.


It's happened to me twice in ten years, but with carriers other than Hermes.


Both times it was Ebay items, and very annoying, as you say.


On both occasions, I received no "you were out" card through the letterbox, and yet the carrier companies were adamant that they had tried to deliver, but found no-one in.  I had arranged for someone to stay at home for the delivery on both occasions, and to cap it all, I have CCTV on the front garden, and no drivers called at all.


I live in a very rural area, the farthest distance from the distribution depot, and I'm sure that some drivers just don't fancy driving for miles to just deliver my parcel on it's own.


Funnily enough, though someone has criticised Parcel Force on this thread, I've never had anything but great service from them and the Royal Mail, never returning parcels to the sender.


A lot of professional Ebay sellers seem to lay the law down about courier deliveries being returned to them stating that couriers are not even required to leave a "while you were out" card if they try to deliver and get no answer. That's the last straw really, if they can just lie about having tried to deleiver, without even having to prove it. It leaves us at their mercy.

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I think all of them have their 'off' days.    As has been said our Hermes lady delivery driver is a peach.    She knows exactly where to put things safely if we are not there.       Royal Mail I am still trying to 'train' as they say but they are not too bad.      Some items from other carriers have arrived looking as if they have been playing rugby with the parcel.    

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thanks for the feedback every one


ive never had problems with royal mail and I will stick with them while it


continues like that.


the best thing is that I can go and collect from the depot if all else fails.


the sender assured me that he had not asked for the parcel to be returned


What a carry on !! I certainly did NOT tell them to return to sender. The couriers have been highly inefficient - I will not be using them again.
Let's hope the equipment arrives soon. Best wishes Robert.


when I tried to phone myhermese they refused to talk to me as I wasn't the sender.


I will cross my fingers for you dave.

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My company has had a City Link account for some years now and although they aren't the cheapest, I find they are very reliable.  Some of our suppliers use Fed Ex who are very impressive. On the day of delivery, they txt to advise your parcels are on the vehicle and later with an ETA which is normally not far from the mark.


I bought a CCTV transmission system from Ebay recently and the package arrived partially damaged.  TNT were the carrier and the package was signed for by our neighbours.  When I looked at the parcel, it looked a bit squished on one side and on opening it, it seemed that a fork lift had run over one edge which crushed a 12 volt power supply and Euro adapter.  Thankfully, the main unit worth £900 was completely unharmed!!      

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I suppose it all depends on your local delivery courier


my parcel still hasn't shown up or changed its status when I checked the tracker.


I went to look at ebays community board and one thread on myheremese had 8


pages of complaints.




and another had 10 pages



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