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Broads Rescue, probably someone going North!


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If the ASR was out on a exercise, it would be called to the shout I guess. 



cheers Iain

Your right. When we called to a shout, sometimes we go in mob handed to treat it as an extended training exercise.

Once we had a car fire and trumpton turned out with 2 pumps, foam unit and high lift lights and command unit.

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"serious complications"


It certainly can, I've had a total ankle replacement operation and the night before they wheel you in a nurse writes on your, in this case, right leg TAR with and arrow pointing to the ankle.  Somehow this isn't reassuring! :)

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Thay have to practice . It might not seem like life and death but with out landing in hard to get to place's and treating casualties . When we need them thay know what to do and how to treat. I for 1 am happy for them to keep flying and saving life's

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They are top guys who fly those choppers - I have only just managed to watch the video - and was hoping he might chop a few of those stick things down  :naughty:  :naughty:


Seriously they can write all over me just as long as they cut the right bit - it's like the nurse who was told to prick a boil - you can work out the punch line.

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Some years ago I'd  been on a shout with the Coastguard and was returning to the airfield when we deviated course so that we went over Reedham. There the doctor that we had on board returned to his yacht that was moored at The Ferry, we'd picked him up on the way out. I met up with him a few weeks later, seems that he never had to buy a drink for the rest of the day, the holidaymakers treated him as a hero. I suppose the novelty of a helicopter hovering low over the jetty there and lowering a bloke onto his yacht made their holiday.

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