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Pesky Mod almost gets the blame!


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Hi Mark,


People have paid good money to hear me sing lol That was me performing at a World AOL Meet in 2002. I say World coz there were peeps from the USA came over for the bash. For the record, the song was My Ain Folk. Always brings a  :cry  to the eye lol


In my youth, I sang the serious stuff with my father. Now, i'd require Broadsbeat to find the notes, so I could sing them!  :naughty:  :dance



cheers Iain.

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Oh I see :nosey:  let's get the Pesky Mod day!  :cry  :cry  :cry I have feelings you know, and am hurt, yes, hurt no really really hurt. Hang on a minute, I CAN Sing so  :taunt: to MM also.  :P


Dave, my dancing skills are known the world over, that is why ladies all walk with a limp after dancing with me and my size 11's! :D Twa left feet!



cheers Iain

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Yes, I totally agree with Iain in regards to the 'let's get the Pesky Mod day' if our lovely Mod thinks in his own head that he can sing and dance, who are we to judge, now, I suggest you stop teasing and leave Iain alone to sing his rendition of 'I wanna dance with somebody' put on his kilt and dance till his hearts content.


There you go Iain, bet you knew I'd stick up for yer  :party2:


Grace  :kiss  :love

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I thought Fred Astaire was a Dancer, what are you saying abouts Iains singing abilities? :naughty:  :naughty:  cheers



Hi Dave,


At the start of Fred Astaire's career it was stated:- can't sing, can't act, can dance a little.


Ginger Rodgers did everything Fred did but backwards in high heels (just to keep Grace happy and interested in the topic). :naughty:




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Hang on a minute...as a former pub organist/banjo player/guitarist/squeeze box player...well familiar with playing tunes such as 'My Ain Folk' and other classics in the 'scuddahewoo' or  'pub singer' style are we not missing a great opportunity to form the NBN 'old Boy Band? If we didn't have a packed house there would be an abundance of free mooring space near gigs!  :naughty:

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Oye Steve, am just a  EX - vocalist, yon TIMBO bloke is the multi music tasker band player, not me!  :naughty:  :norty: .


Sadly not a Grandad. Would have loved to have been one :)


Tim and the Cartoonists sounds good to me! :bow  Uncle Albert as his Agent! :naughty:


cheers Iain

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The equivalent of.........


Boyzone = Oldmanzone


Arctic Monkeys = Arthritic Moaners


The Rolling Stones = The Rheumatiod Seniors  


  I'd be your Groupie any day of the week lol  :bow  :bow  :bow


Grace  :kiss


You've let yourself in for a lotta replies, Grace!  :shocked :shocked :shocked


(Please keep them half-decent, guys..........)   :naughty:

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