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  1. Reflections At Great Yarmouth!

    An unusual set of pics, Ben. Were they deliberately illuminating you or just parked there?
  2. Noob

    A warm welcome aboard from us, too, Rob. Have a great time!
  3. My Day

    Did I hear that it doesn't echo? Or did you mean quaked!
  4. Southern Rivers

    If not the most expensive, Matt....... but, you get what you pay for!
  5. First Post

    A belated "Warm Welcome Aboard" from us, too! What a start!
  6. Recent Windows 10 Mega Update.

    Jonathan and David, Many Thanks. Although I had the ability (and frequently did) to fly an outsize aeroplane anywhere in the world on ad hoc commercial charters...... I could even programme it if the Operations guys hadn't done so. BUT, I'm afraid I'll have to admit to being a modern computaspeak technology dinosaur! So it's switched on and left until tomorrow!
  7. Recently Opened Indian Restaurant In Brundall

    Richard Hughes, he's at the Assembly House now, Ian. http://www.edp24.co.uk/going-out/these-were-a-few-of-my-favourite-things-1-4875902
  8. Recent Windows 10 Mega Update.

    Yes I did mean Mb! Ok, I'll try that but if it goes to "not responding" then I'll still leave it. Many Thanks.
  9. Recent Windows 10 Mega Update.

    I did both of those with no success, sorry. As I explained to Grendel, Outlook starts up and starts the sending/receiving bit. At about 66% complete the programme freezes and "not responding" comes up. I do know that it's trying to download 3 very large picture files of 18Gb or so.
  10. Recent Windows 10 Mega Update.

    Tried this, thanks so much but just the same. Outlook starts up and goes to sending/receiving mail but then freezes with "not responding"
  11. Welcome To New Members

    Eight new Members during the four days 20 - 23 July. A warm Aboard to you all!
  12. Forum Update

    Yes, John and also now at the bottom of the page on the RHS.
  13. A few days ago my PC took nearly 2 hours to update, which Microsoft had said would happen. It restarted a few times. Since which Outlook won't work, my youtube videos are slow and jerky and things take a long time to happen. I tried to get a previous recovery point but it only shows the dates of this latest upgrade as a reference point. Any suggestions, please? (Preferably NOT on the back of a fag packet and not overly suggestive!)
  14. Forum Update

    I've had to log in for the last 2 days running on my laptop. Also the "last 24 hours" above "our sponsors" has disappeared. The latest W10 mega-update has just about ruined my PC and it won't let me create a reset point.........
  15. Dog Pub Bans Large All Male Crews And Stag Parties.

    Done that for you, Jeff.

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