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  1. The Admiral's Little Ship?

    Found them at last, Peter! (on an old CD somewhere else). I was drying the mains'l at the time.
  2. Sunrise/ Sunset

    I love an optimist!
  3. The Admiral's Little Ship?

    Do I have to?
  4. Any Pictures Of White Stuff On The Broads?

    Still only rain here and Ventusky doesn't show any snow for Norfolk today. https://www.ventusky.com/?p=51.0;0.9;4&l=snow
  5. The Admiral's Little Ship?

    In a word, Lori, tiredness. The North Sea crossing, at about 110nm, would take between 18 - 26 hours. Our last crossing, in '04, was different in that we set off at 8am rather than our usual early evening time. We arrived at the North Sea Marina, in Ijmuiden, at about 2am. I was very tired, (as usual after helming, monitoring sails, navigation and etc for 18 hours), and made a monumental mess-up of our arrival, nearly causing damage to ourselves and other boats moored there. So we sold her at the end of the season and bought a 20 kt+ cruising speed, French boat...... soon to prove a BIG mistake!
  6. Any Pictures Of White Stuff On The Broads?

    Just rain in West Norfolk.
  7. The Admiral's Little Ship?

    Lori, Hi. Friday Girl 2 is a sloop, i.e. single mast. Here's a ketch rigged similar boat (in fact a Fisher 30):
  8. Ghoolies

    Don't you mean "Ghoulies", Peter?
  9. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    That sounds like one of Bells riverside moorings?
  10. New Year challenge - famous boatyards and their boats

    Welcome Aboard from us too, Dave. It sounds as if you have some interesting stories to tell!
  11. The Admiral's Little Ship?

    And this one, Jean:
  12. The Admiral's Little Ship?

    Thank you, Jean. Try this thread from back in 2011
  13. The Admiral's Little Ship?

    They certainly were, Chris. When we changed over to a keel cooler Alan Goodchild told me that he'd never seen such thickness in a glass hull before. Sorry, peeps, to questions about further developments, as I didn't particularly like the "improvements" that Fisher developed and didn't follow them on. As an aside we sailed Friday Girl abeam a Fisher 30 ketch. I could (and did) outpoint her by a few degrees and had the edge on boat speed too. (Here's a pic, taken in Enkhuizen, which shows her huge trawler bow off to good effect.
  14. Still In Shorts

    The smaller air-ambulance airline companies make a large improvement to their balance sheets during the Summer months carrying these sorry peeps home..... I employed an ex air ambulance pilot many years ago and his stories passed many a quiet hour airborne away!
  15. The Admiral's Little Ship?

    Chris, hi. Pennington Yachts near Lymington built her for Freeward Marine and she was marketed as the Freeward 30. Later modifications resulted in the Fisher 30, although ketch rigged.

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