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  1. Shock Closure Of The Buck At Thorpe

    I took Mary-Jane for a meal at the weekend to a pub just off the A47, Howard. "Large or small wine?" "What do you call large, please?" "Large is 175ml" "Can you do a 250ml, please" "I can give you two small, 125 ml, in one glass" "That 'll be fine, thank you" I had a pint of Lacons at £3.60 and he then said: "£14.80, please" I did choke on my beer!
  2. Spring Meet 2018

    I think that Jonzo answered this. Yes, the Spring Meet is always the third weekend in May. I'm sure that Polly and the Team will put up details soon.
  3. New Crew Member

    John, hi and welcome aboard one of life's treasures! You'll find that the really nice thing about grandchildren is that they can go back to their parents at the end of the day and I can say that in all honesty because I've got six!
  4. The Nbn 2018 Calendar Competition

    What would you like, Sweety?
  5. Hello Everyone

    Welcome aboard from us, ManofKent. We'll look forward to your blog soon, I hope!
  6. Keep The Moorings For Boats !!

    I last saw it at night a couple of years ago.
  7. Great Canal Journeys

    The report that Series 8 would be shown in October was reported in the Gt Yarmouth Mercury, Bob. You can google Great Canal Journeys Series 8 and nothing yet comes up. Sorry that I can't be any more help.
  8. A warm welcome aboard from us, JohnK! (And to the ever growing number of Johns on the forum!).
  9. 24hr Moorings To Become 48hr?

    "Gloves are useful for holding the ropes when mooring and in locks (especially when wet)". Really?
  10. The Nbn 2018 Calendar Competition

    I can oblige too on that, John! (In a week's time).
  11. Another Week On Grande Girl 1

    A lovely tale and some really gorgeous pics, Mouldy. We'll all have to up the stakes when you post some of them in the calendar competition!
  12. Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    Griff, hi. That looks like a disaster waiting to happen at Xo'clock in the morning!
  13. Wroxham Hotel

    Jess, hi and welcome aboard with your first post. It's not so difficult, is it? I'm almost certain that you will if you tell them that you are an NBN member. You need to talk to the management, though.
  14. Wroxham Hotel

    I guess that for a weekend the Wroxham Hotel makes sense, Snowy, and I hope that you have a splendid time! Please take lots of pics! (For a single night I'd personally repeat the Wayford Bridge DBB package with our 10% discount).
  15. Flyeagle Says Hi

    A warm "Welcome Aboard" from us too, Gary.

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