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  1. The Broads Is Not A National Park!

    Hello John, The qango (yet again another unelected administration) that governs the Lake District has restricted access to many of its lakes, we tend to only hear of Lake Windermere with its speed ban. Regards Alan
  2. Single Parent Hiring Boats

    Hello Fred, They may not have to publish it but it may have to be available for inspection by their suppliers and certainly would have to be if they were BSI registered. Sadly these days we live in a tick box world, Regards Alan
  3. Are You Average?

    Before I had a Panasonic Brick of course I used to be on call and pagers were the latest thing of the day. I have had a phone for far to many years, but still tend to use it as a phone, as already said I can' t be bothered with texts, I prefer to email or if I require an answer I actually talk to people. Maybe it is an age thing but looking around, seeing the twitchy zombies walking in the street or constantly picking up their phone in public places such as pubs etc, with that expression on their faces; that nobody wants to talk to me, I am unloved. Yes phones great for business use, but lets keep it real. Regards Alan
  4. Swing Bridges

    Hello Grendel, My guess is that the summer tracks may still be on or around the bridge. There always seems to be stuff lying near to the tracks. Maybe they should reintroduce the practice of fitting the summer tracks. Regards Alan
  5. Bridge Indicator Maintenance

    Hi Jeff, This topic has been raised many times on the forum, most if not all the bridge markers need maintenance or replacement especially at Yarmouth, Somerleyton where the lower markings are almost unreadable. Regards Alan
  6. Horning Boat Show

    Hello Paws, Here is a link to the shows website, there is not a program of events as of yet. http://www.horningboatshow.co.uk/programme.html Regards Alan
  7. Are You Average?

    Texting I regard as a waste of time and does nothing to improve my temper, it would be OK I guess if mobiles had those big letters and numbers. Regards Alan
  8. Flying Bathtub

    A friend of mine sent me this youtube clip. Regards Alan
  9. Broads Toll

    Hi Mark, If a management company register or pay the tolls, they would be an higher price because it would be classified as a commercial toll. Back in 2012 when we re-registered with the Broads Authority our tolls went down from around £750 to just over £400. Usually one or two people are listed as the registered owners of a syndicate boat. In order to change our registration we worked with the toll department and had to give them copies of our draft contracts. Many of the ex Challenger boats went through a similar exercise. Regards Alan
  10. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Hello Vanessan, Sadly a glue gun does not fix everything. What I can not understand however how does he manage to store broken things in the garage with all that wood stored in it As Robin says the technical aspects of household husbandry (poor choice of a word) is well beyond me, repairs to washers, dryers and irons I can understand, but the merits of the programs are well out of my league. Regards Alan
  11. Mooring Technique

    Hi Steve, You will have a new bow thruster to play with with joystick control, we have replaced the old bow thruster with a dual blade more powerful version. I will see you next month. Regards Alan
  12. Mooring Technique

    Its OK Steve we have plenty of extra fenders to have a go. Regards Alan
  13. Recycling

    If you make it difficult, expensive or impose too many rules and regulations for people to get rid of their rubbish some will just fly tip . The cost for local authorities to then clear up beggars belief, assuming they have not charged the land owners for this privilege. Regards Alan
  14. Mooring Technique

    Hi Ray, In those circumstances I would try to get one of the boats to take a line and pull me in. When the roles are reversed I will always ensure that they get a mooring, it is better to take a line and pull them in rather than coming in under power. Regards Alan
  15. Flying Bathtub

    Maybe it is possible but you would need a lot of propellers to get any lift. It might solve the Potter Heigham Bridge issue however Regards Alan
  16. Dear All Please find attached the ABP Notice to Mariners No. 4 regarding forthcoming pontoon removal works in Hamilton dock. Kind Regards Laura Milner Administrative Officer Operations Broads Authority Tel: 01603 756035 Broads Authority, Yare House, 62-64 Thorpe Road. Norwich NR1 1RY 01603 610734 www.broads-authority.gov.uk LOWESTOFT OUTER HARBOUR – REMOVAL OF PONTOON SECTIONS – HAMILTON DOCK Mariners and Port Users are advised that works are schedule to commence on 22/02/2018 to remove pontoon sections in the Western part of Hamilton Dock, (previously Hamilton Marina ‘G’ Pontoon). The works will be undertaken from Marine craft berthed alongside the areas of works as follows:- Works Vessel ‘Flying Hart’, Support Craft ‘Cargo of Dreams’. All craft will monitor VHF Ch.14 Pontoon sections will be dismantled into manageable lengths. They will be towed through to North Quay, Inner Harbour area, for removal from the water and storage ashore. Vessels are requested to afford the works a wide berth, and pass the areas at slow speed to reduce vessel wash. Works are expected to take approx. 2 weeks to complete. Please contact Lowestoft Port Control, VHF Ch14, or Tel. 01502 572286, if further information is required. Harbour Master February 2018
  17. Broads Toll

    At the end of the day if you enjoy your time boating on the Broads you have to pay. There is no mileage complaining about it, maybe if I had to pay the full amount rather than a share in it I would have more to complain about. We all have hobbies, activities and maybe collect things, these are the things that make life special to us, if boating is your bag then enjoy, chill out and relax on the water. Regards Alan
  18. Back On The Broads 9th March

    Here is a link to Hoseasons it shows a few pictures of the boat and the layout. http://www.hoseasons.co.uk/boat-holidays/broom-boats-brmb/broom-captain-bh2180 Regards Alan
  19. Another Newbie

    Hello Jamboboatman, Welcome to the NBN forum. Regards Alan
  20. Single Parent Hiring Boats

    I also feel so sorry for these people who have booked in good faith, they have have confirmation of the booking which may have been booked early last year, they have arranged to have time off of work (not an easy job for some people to fit in their holidays). Now in some cases they have been informed that their bookings will not be honoured, some may be able to arrange with another boat yard if it i early in the season, but in the height of the season this may prove to be almost impossible and in the summer holidays other locations will be already heavily booked. My personal opinion that these bookings should have been honored. Regards Alan
  21. My Day

    My Day today involved myself and Tan down at our local community centre for our dress rehearsals for next week's production of Jack & the Beanstalk. We started at 9.20 am and walked out of the building at 6.10 pm. Yorkshire Television attended during the rehearsals, there should be a small feature on Tuesday, this year is our 80th production. I have been involved backstage for over 50 year and Tan for around 45, Tan is prompting in this production and her brother is playing the Baron and his daughter is in the junior corus. Myself for my sins doing the lighting and backstage lifting the backcloths. Regards Alan
  22. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Hello Stuart, Welcome to the forum. Regards Alan
  23. Single Parent Hiring Boats

    Hi Finny, Clive has said that their booking agent which is indeed Hoseasons; their policy is against solo or single parent (single adult) bookings, Richardsons have fallen in line with this policy or maybe just supporting their booking agent. I find this rather bazar when the booking agent is in a state of flux that any of their clients are indeed changing their policies at this time, it would have made more sense to wait until later in the year or even next season. Regards Alan
  24. Another New Member Saying Hi! :d

    Hello Waterglade welcome to the forum. Regards Alan
  25. Broad Ambition - The Model

    Hi Grendel, As soon as I saw your first picture I thought purpose made tap or die holder, many engineers made their own tools back in the day. Regards Alan

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