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Haunted Christmas Tree - Help!!!


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Our tree lights are switched on and off via a remote control. Recently they have been behaving very strangely. As an example,  last night they switched themselves off at 10pm with no input from us, and just now they switched themselves back on, again with no intervention. Logic says that they are being affected by another remote control source, most likely from a neighbour's house, although the nearest house is a fair distance away. Has anyone else had a similar experience and is there anything I can do about this?

Sensible suggestions welcome!






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"Sensible suggestions welcome!".....A bit of a tall order :default_norty: 

We have three sets of lights on our tree, one set that came with it and two we added. when I first put them on they were just on and now they're flashing, the ones that are flashing are the ones that came with the tree (I can't stand flashing lights) have tried all the different combinations on the button pad thingy but they just won't stop :facepalm:

Armageddon is upon us Lol


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32 minutes ago, Gracie said:

(I can't stand flashing lights

Now Gracie...pull the other one! :default_smiley-taunt014: Ellie has threatened me with putting my decorations up tomorrow! See how I managed to remain busy through October, November and through the 'not Christmas' part of December to get my decs up on the right day? It takes skill does that! Have a good one sweetie!

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I behind on this thread too. I've just taken all our lights down.:default_sad: Let's hope they all work again next year( this year ).

Gracie, I thought you would like flashing lights, especially if they were blue.:594c04ff2c94f_default_policesmiley:.

So now it's time to look forward to Easter and all that chocolate :default_biggrin:.

Colin :default_drinks:

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