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That is dreadful news. Such beautiful yachts. I always thought that their "Style" was without equal. ..........:- who else has an owners cruise in company that is a Circumnavigation? 

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Just now, ChrisB said:

I sincerely hope that there are not too many small local businesses tied into their supply chain and that they don't take them down with them.

Hi ChrisB,

We all know that there will be a knock on effect if their purchasing department use any local suppliers, lets hope for all concerned that they do not go into receivership, the only people who get anything is the tax, VAT and the administrators.



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It's a sad time for those who have just lost their jobs, I had friends working there that were still there from when when I was a Landamore boy building Oysters, one of my best friend's is currently in a state of shock, he was their a few years before me, I was there for 8.5 years and have been gone 10, he has lost the only job he has ever known.

In my time before Oyster became masters of their own downfall, Landamore's purchased a lot locally including the largest part, the bare shells were fabricated at Bridgeland moulders then transported about 3 miles for fit out.  Oyster must have been Bridgeland's biggest customer I hope Bridgeies will be ok.

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7 minutes ago, ChrisB said:

But it is not only Oyster under the Windboats banner is it? Where does this leave Hardy Marine, Gunfleet and Trusty...

Oyster actually did Windboats a favour by taking away the build contract, at least they had a window to seek other work, like purchasing Hardys and taking on the Gunfleet brand, as well as Trustys.

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Windboats used to build for Oyster as did Landamores, Oyster bought out Landamores as a builder and binned off windboats.  Gunfleet is the interesting one, started by Richard Matthews a few years after he sold Oyster

Should add Landamores still trade from there old site in Hoveton and are slowly growing again.

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1 minute ago, ChrisB said:

If that Trusty is still there. I know I gave up ownership today but I might offer the receiver £30K to take it off his hands

What are you on about? Windboats is solvent and trading, they are nothing, NOTHING to do with Oyster Yachts.

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