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Step To Get Of The Boat - On Offer


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Last year I had to replace our last step we take to get off the boat if we hire a high sided boat, 'someone' didn't wrap the laggie round it so the vibration on White Champagne and 4 of us trying the get the beast to roll side to side whilst my niece was in the shower well it went off the rear on Barton Broard and shes didnt feel a thing. So I replaced it with this pair which doubles as a seat I paid £16 so £10 is a good price.

We use it more on wild moorings since getting the dog and having to get off the boat with him.

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I have long wondered just how Maplin has managed to survive as long as it has. Overly pushy staff badgering customers as soon as they step over the threshold annoys the hell out of me but more than that they have long been frighteningly non competitive. Obviously I sympathise with the staff but Maplin's demise is hardly surprising. Who'll be next I wonder? Those £10.00 step ladders might even go down to a fiver yet!

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I was going to find this and say i'd collect.

It has changed from years ago when it was more for hobby spares for building electrical projects or repairs etc and pick your parts from rows of red trays,

Pushy staff can't do with it but love a young know it all and Kaz walks away because I'll push for info if they haven't got a clue. We've 2 stores and one guy has been there years between them and he knows what I'm doing and stands in ear shot.

Pushy or not it's not good for them losing your job.

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Years ago I started using Maplins when they were a family business down near Southend, you replied to an advert in a electronics magazine and they sent you a catagloue with a free sci fi poster inside and pictures of All the staff printed inside the front cover.

Then they expanded like mad, generally went down hill and put their prices up. Did Norwich really need two shops?. Maplins also killed off a lot of local electronics shops, there used to be one on St Benedicts Street I used to use.

Years ago I used to use a catalogue from  " The Woodscrew Supply Company" a couple of men in a shed near Yeovil , they expanded like mad, for a while they went a bit rubbish, but sorted themselves out after a while, they are now Called......Screwfix...

RS used to have an Amateur supplies branch called I think Doram, which they sold off and it sank with out trace. They, RS, then refused to supply private buyers.

 Farnell (Now known as "Farnell Element 14" for some reason) also did not supply Private Buyers.

These days RS and Farnell or anyone else will supply anyone with a credit card so the top end of the electronics has been taken from Maplins, then you can Buy almost any Identical parts from Ebay or Amazon for half the price or less, so they have taken the bottom of the market. Leaving Maplins with nothing much in the middle.

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the only good part at Maplins is that you can see before you buy, generally the prices are not competitive, but if they have what you want in stock, you can pick it up there and then. As an example, the filament cartridges for my 3d printer are at full list price there - (£42 each) whereas through amazon from the manufacturer you can get them as cheap as £21 each, so unless it was an emergency I would be getting them through Amazon on a 3 day delivery option.

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On 01/03/2018 at 10:20, TheQ said:

 Farnell (Now known as "Farnell Element 14" for some reason) also did not supply Private Buyers

Farnell HQ down the road from me, the do have a Public Site and price is fair and great on delivery. I Think they have a couple of stores maybe one in Preston of the top of my head.


Another place I used years ago when the sent a paper offer mag via post and just found them on the net (could cost me money now)



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