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Sea Toilet Conversion Help


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Hi, new to forum and relatively new to boating.

We are looking at buying our first boat and really like a Sealine S24. Only problem is it has a sea toilet. 

Is it best to retro fit a holding tank or remove the toilet and fit cassette?

Does anyone know a rough cost for this and any good contacts in Horning / Wroxham area who could carry out work?

Thanks in advance.



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When we were searching for our first boat (2016) many we found were sea toilet set ups , we were given estimates ranging from £700 up to £1400 for the installation of a holding tank and deck pump out fitments and an electric toilet .

All the quotes were dependant in their being available space to locate the holding tank .


Oh , and a warm welcome to the forum  

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Hi Andy Dont fit a cassette more trouble than they are worth, finding disposable points for them as many toilets on the river are septic tanks and you can't empty cassettes into them if you use the chemical additive that is used in cassettes to stop gassing, connect your toilet via a diverter valve to the biggest holding tank you can fit, you can have one made any shape you like easy, to fit odd corners or around bilges, if you are d i y use only leeSan hoses as they are odor proof and use stainless jubilee clips two on each connection, LeeSan have diagrams on how to construct the system. John

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I would imagine that a toilet/holding tank would be easier to fit during the build and possibly a bit more problematic to alter later, although I'm sure it could be done.

However just to throw another suggestion into the mix. I don't know what Andy's budget is but Swancraft (one of our sponsors) have two very nice 24 foot boats available - both designed for the Broads. These can be seen on the website


I've seen both of them and they are cracking boats, I could be very tempted myself if I didn't have a slight problem with the piggy bank. :default_biggrin:

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