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Difficult one - 20% discount voucher to the first person who get it.


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We've been stumping people with this one for some time on our facebook page.




The first person to tell us where this is will get a 20% discount voucher against a Freedom holiday.

Is it under the Yare up river from the Haven Bridge. From the car park of Havenbridge House to Shipleys Veterinary Practise that was. I had in fact walked it as a sprog but was s**t  scared of being found out. 

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This is annoying me.


But we have some clues it is not in Norwich/Thorpe.


Whatever it is – is underground, and I can see no natural daylight.  It narrows out at the far end and there is a ladder up to something.  I don’t think it is discharges water from above out, more takes water in from possible a dyke (wider part) then is sucked up and out (narrower part) so I think it may well be a water pump – one that is an ‘electric conversion’ hence why the braces are looking very old but not looking like could be a ‘water mill’ (wind powered). 


As for where and the name no idea.                        

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When you enhance the far end, it doesn't look like a ladder, more like some sort of water lifting mechanism.


When you turn the photo upside down and look carefully at the reflection, it lets you see  into the upper end of the tunnel, presumably up to ground level. There appears to be a grid and a slot with daylight showing through them.


I think Robin may be right, and it could be an intake sluice to some sort of pump.


The marks on the side showing the varying water level could be tidal effect, about 2ft rise and fall.



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