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Missing teenagers


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This happened just a stones throw from our yard. Terrible news. 

I don't know the details of it, but swimming in open water is just so dangerous. With the temperature being often a shocking (literally) surprise or getting your feet tangled in weed or debris, the risks are just too great. A couple were pulled from the Wensum in Norwich the other night too after getting into trouble in the water. 

Please, if you want to swim, go to a pool; don't dunk in the Broads. 



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This tragic incident was in St Andrews Broad. This is a flooded gravel pit within the Thorpe Marshes Nature reserve between Commissioner's Cut and our boatyard on the North bank of the Yare. 

As on Bawsey Pits near Kings Lynn where a similar tragedy happen a couple of years back, there are notices saying "No Swimming" and such like. Here these notices are often defaced or removed (and regularly replaced), but some people pay no attention. 

People still swim in Bawsey Pits and I have little doubt that people will soon be swimming here again. 





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I've looked at several newspaper articles and seen warning signs about the blue green algae. However scientific advice is somewhat varied and the BBC came up with this one recently:

Toxic algae has been discovered at a fishing lake in Wrexham.

Natural Resources Wales detected the blue-green algae following tests at Acton Park lake.

Wrexham council has advised people to stay clear of the water as it can be harmful to humans and animals if swallowed or if it comes into contact with the skin.

The algae is naturally occurring, usually during periods of calm, warm weather.

Toxins produced by blue-green algae can cause skin rashes, nausea, vomiting, stomach pains, fever and headaches.

But nowhere does it say that these problems can occur almost instantly. Being an old gravel pit the water could be very deep and still possibly cold enough in the middle to cause these fatalities?

Whatever, this was indeed a tragedy and our feelings and sympathy go out to the two families concerned. What a brave and heroic girl she was to try to help her younger cousin. 

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To lose a child must be the most devastating event imaginable, I cannot bear the thought of what this poor family must be going through, my heart and prayers go out to them.


The Broads are such a beautiful place, it's easy to forget of the dangers of being in/on the water, this serves as a very costly reminder that no matter how beautiful and tranquil the place is, we should never forget of the dangers. Goodnight and god bless to these dear children



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