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Thanks Moonfleet :)

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I approached Moonfleet, Stalham as well as others to quote for an insurance repair to Orca. They were really good even at this stage and our insurance where impressed with them so they got the job (Poor things!!).

I dealt with Phil (and Clive from Richardsons (Cheers Clive)) who was brilliant and really reasurring,his communication was really good all the way through and he even managed to deal  with me stressing without any problems ;)

They repaired some underwater hull damage (about 2 feet crack?! maybe more), on time and within budget.  I had some reviews from others concerning a high cost but I assure that the cost was fair, yes it wasn't cheap but it was a lot of work and I think they did amazingly well for the cost.  

I had a survey done half way through the job and the surveyor remarked "repairs above and beyond what was required". 

We inspected over the weekend. Sadly my teak and holly flooring had to be taken up to do the repair but it was replaced and to our surprise they even replaced the whole lot so it doesn't look mismatched and it certainly just as good as before :) 

They also hoovered and dusted and inside there is no signs that anything happened. They even wiped over the wheelhouse floor so you couldn't see footprints! Externally they also antifouled the repaired hull area.  You really put a smile back on my face and helped to somewhat restore my faith in Norfolk tradespeople so thanks again.

We certainly highly recommend them and will certainly consider for any future work. (Touch wood we need such repair done again though).

Couple of pictures attached taken by them during the work.

Thanks again



20151102_134640 - Copy - Copy.jpg

20151102_134729 - Copy.jpg


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Couldn't agree more! We use Phil and he has done some really good work. You know exactly what he is doing and what it will cost. He is a real gentleman to deal and a credit to Richardsons. He may be not the cheapest but is always fair.Wouldn't use anyone else. You tend to get what you pay for and having had a truly dreadful experience with another boatyard on  the Ant   Phil is a breath of air . We would have packed up our boat ownership if it had not been for him as we mistakenly thought that all boatyards were like the one that we originally used.Well done Moonfleet.

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Thanks all.. Their work is certainly very very professional..

Sadly she's suffered under the tree at the marina so will need a repaint in the summer but that's life.

I've just booked GMR to move her this friday and as long as all is good we will be out and about this weekend.. look out for us if you are about.. we will be on the Ant... Can't wait :) 

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Hi Alan

I am really glad that you are pleased with the work of Moonfleet, ORCA must be back to her old self.

The main reason to see that you are happy with the work is that DG is in with Phil for a complete fit out and repaint. At the moment she is completely stripped out and looking sorry for herself. but even at this early stage Phil and his teams eye for detail is becoming apparent. He showed me some work that was in progress on a "Picnic"boat and it is second to none, 

I am really looking forward to when DG is back in the water.

Happy Sailing.

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They did the repair onsite at our current yard BB.. I wish they/we moved it to their yard as that would have saved me paying but there is only so much luck in the world certainly when it was all insurance money (and I guess I would have to pay in the end anyway). 

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Thanks Guys, all going well we should be afloat by lunch time. I'm taking the mini camera so will hopefully do a little video and take some pictures. Looking forward to being back in and getting out and about. Obviously lots could go wrong but it shouldn't really. 


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32 minutes ago, ranworthbreeze said:

Hi Alan,

Best of luck with the lift tomorrow and your journey to pastures new.

Like Grace I am sure that we would all love to see pictures of the departure and relocation to your new home mooring.




I will second Alan's remarks and THIRD Gracies! You have been warned young Alan....PICS or else!:naughty:

Seriously, I hope all goes well for the transfer tomorrow.


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Yeah so erm.. last weekend didn't go too well (As usual I'm not going into any details as it's not fair to do so).. But I just heard she is afloat and on her new berth just outside Stalham on the northern rivers..

We will be up tomorrow to check her out.. Maybe go out for a quick spin but we should certainly be out sometime around christmas. If you are about look out for us. I'll probably be zig zagging as it's been a long time! But I'm confident all is sorted now and we can get back to enjoying it. 

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