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  1. Best Route To Sea

    Groova - if you do pop into Woolverstone have a bimble up to the Red Lion in Chelmondiston, good food a cut above pub grub and a cracking pint of Adams.
  2. Best Route To Sea

    Beat me to it Smoggy - another useful read is "the east coast pilot". Not sure of the etiquette about recommending other fora but the east coast section of YBW.com has lots of good gen.
  3. Rascal's Fleet

    MM -Ours makes some noise but it's not obtrusive,it's got louder over the 6 years it's been in - the bearings may be on the way out. Never woken us at first light as it's usually drowned out by Kathy's snoring.
  4. Countryfile Awards. Did The Broads Win?

    I'm sure someone in the blessed authority will take credit for Holkham beach soon though.
  5. Rascal's Fleet

    Paul - that's exactly the jobbie we fitted to No Worries after the first season - one sucking out of the hatch over the forward berth. It made things much more comfortable at night in summer and certainly cut down the condensation all year round. It was fun cutting the hole though, I swear the hatch was 3/8" thick - they built them to last in the 70s! ETA: It's still spinning merrily away six years on too - highly recommended.
  6. Calling All Musicians!

    Can you still get Izal bog roll? If so I have a comb and I'm not afraid to use it!
  7. Looks A Nice Norfolk Weekend

    I was surprised trundling up the A140 on Monday to see a fair amount of snow on the sides of the road. As my grandad used to say "Thass a-waiting for more ter come bor"
  8. Rascal's Fleet

    Robin - shorepower at Broadsedge is £90 a year for the facility plus cards from David for power used. No idea of price per KW but our two tube heaters on thermo-plugs and a trickle charger used £18 odd from early November up to Monday last when I started de-winterising. Hope this helps.
  9. Rascal's Fleet

    Sweet craft Robin - we've been really happy at Broadsedge for 7 years now and we're sure your Mum will be too. Re. Upgrades, have you seen Lumishore lights?
  10. Glamping Development Approved By B A

    We get about 5" at Broadsedge which was above Barton last time I looked.
  11. Silent Emblem

    Didn't the Rascal do a blog on her when he let the magic smoke out?
  12. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Kathy - who was a credit controller - calls this 'blokenomics' ,usually accompanied by 'the look' !
  13. Mud Weight Size

    Our Bounty 27 holds well on a 15 kilo one - from the thickness of Hammerite I reckon its worked for 40-odd years.
  14. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Ricardo - I somehow think that should should read .........Yarmouth beer beer beer lol (I know they well deserved a few)
  15. Marina Destroyed

    The grey jobbie in the third pic looks very much like one of the new rib-based Customs (oops Border Force) cutters - they don't come cheap!

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