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  1. Well Done BA On These Two Prosecutions

    Thurne Dyke had a cracking little shop - sold draught paraffin too!
  2. Well Done BA On These Two Prosecutions

    Or you could paint the funnel grey and tell everyone she's a war canoe.
  3. House Boaters

    Different Lion methinks - possibly Martlesham, the one with a ship's figurehead as a pub sign. This Lion is on the way back to Ipswich between Pin Mill and Woolverstone - used to be the Venture with a Thames barge transom as its sign before it was rescued and reverted to its original name a couple of years ago, very popular with bearded smock wearing folk from Woolverstone marina (and us).
  4. House Boaters

    Most of the houseboats at Pin Mill have mains drainage and water - back when Dick Mainwaring (he of the wonderful moustaches) was landlord of the Butt I nearly bought one but the finances were a nightmare, starting with the 50% deposit! JM -next time you're out that way check out the Red Lion at Chelmondiston, also Adnams but more 'foodie' than the Butt.
  5. Norfolk'n Mustard

    I'm sure I've seen 'Norfolk Enchants' on the water down Wroxham way.
  6. Heater

    Back when the tax was being planned and was to be enforced by C&E I put in a serious application to run the Broads boat fuel testing vessel along the lines of the road fuel testing units we already had (and still do, run by HMRC) complete with figures on numbers of boats and estimated yearly consumption. Got back a lovely letter from the Board of Commissioners saying basically don't be so silly and carry on going through suitcases! Boatyard fuel sale logs are looked at by the visiting VAT officer if he/she can be *rsed.
  7. On Going Costs

    Top of my head figures as bumph is on board but antifouled every other year,last one was about £30 a foot for lift pressure wash and back in at Sutton Staithe, engine service yearly (BMC1.5) about £120, also through Robert.
  8. Dunkirk (film)

    I believe I'm still barred from Ipswich ABC (now shops) - a peashooter and the front row of the balcony were involved.
  9. Buying A Boat

    Hi and welcome Jovril. We had a pretty tight list - 25-30',3-5 berths, diesel inboard on a shaft, pumpout bog, aft cockpit(so able to single-hand) and easy(ish) foredeck access. Oh, and under 15k! This was formed from being around salt water boats and hiring for 40-odd years, also knowing our physical limitations. Took about 10 months of schlepping about from the Wash to the Thames before we found No Worries at Potter H'am. She had also been moored at Broadsedge which was my first choice of marina - done job!
  10. Wind

    Highest gust in Felixstowe was 50 mph at 04:00, now getting 25-30 NW. The Orwell bridge was shut about 22:00 last night, don't think it's re-opened yet.
  11. Dee And Mike

    At least a wooden hull won't be bothered by the dreaded polyestermite!
  12. Haunted Christmas Tree - Help!!!

    Our wireless doorbell rings if a Vauxhall car is remotely locked or unlocked within about 50' of the reciever. Drives the dog wild!
  13. Bilge Survey

    I use a Sketchleys coat hanger. (Other dry cleaners are available)
  14. Broad Ambition - The Model

    Cracking job Grendel, back in the day I'd have worn that as a woggle!
  15. One Rule For Them?/

    While we're off topic on auto-censors, some years ago when the government department that paid me staggered into the 20th century and gave us personal e-mail accounts poor old Mike Coone was totally incommunicado until a poor very high up manager persuaded IT that really was his name. Oh how we laughed.

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