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  1. Maxwellian

    Howdy Everyone

    Welcome from me as well
  2. Maxwellian

    Tudor Reformation

    Now I heard that Timbo was excellent at splicing. Every time someone shouted “splice the mainbrace ” he is at the front of the queue.
  3. Sad but not able to be there. I hope that you lot have a wonderful time and that no one disgraces themselves. If however someone does, please make sure that the photos or video get put on this thread for the rest of us to enjoy as well.
  4. Maxwellian

    Hello I’m New Here.....

    Welcome from me too
  5. Maxwellian

    Hampton Safari

    I saw this one a couple of days ago.
  6. Maxwellian

    Hourly Labour Rate

    Gentlemen please!
  7. Maxwellian

    Bye Bye

    Probably not. It could be hidden and their posting and PM rights could be altered as they are contravening the TOS
  8. Maxwellian


    Welcome from me as well
  9. Maxwellian

    Diy Sos (forum Style)

    I name that bum in one!
  10. Maxwellian

    New Member

    A warm welcome from me too
  11. Maxwellian

    Diy Sos (forum Style)

    Really enjoyed it. Thanks for the opportunity, so lovely to meet you all and put faces to names. Great work everyone.
  12. Maxwellian

    The Sandford Myth

    Griff. I am extremely disappointed with your post..... i am one of those that believe penguins love a good long walk for a trip in a boat.
  13. Maxwellian

    The Sandford Myth

    I reiterate again. The forum is an excellent place for debate, ecveryone is entitled to their opinions and ideas. It is wrong to expect everyone to agree with you though and it does not make someone a trouble maker or bad person for doing so. We should all be considerate of others and defend their right to say it. A well structured discussion adds to the forum. Dummy tossing and name calling detracts from what it stands for. I am not accusing anyone on this either. please play nicely on all threads and be considerate to each other. :)
  14. Maxwellian

    To Travel Hopefully Is A Better Thing Than To Ar

    When we first started coming to the Broads we used to travel all over the place to get to the destination. I loved being on the boat and have always found the journey very relaxing but we would go for miles just to make sure we got to the big places. As time has passed and over many trips (probable age related as well) it is all about the journey. I just love being on the boat pootling along listening to the water and nature, looking at the wild life. Will leave early in the morning to see the Kingfishers and Otters. When we get to our destination planned or not, we just love to walk for miles enjoying to surroundings. This year we will be taking our dog Max with us for the first time. Our old dog passed away at the end of 2016 and was extremely travel sick. We got Max in June 2017 and he loves travel.
  15. Maxwellian

    So, What Would You Do?

    I love to be on a boat and also love to fish. There are many ways to to enjoy the Broads and all should be tolerant of each other, just as we should be in all aspects. Less wars, less shootings, less stabbing, less arguing, less conflict on the forum and therefore many more content and happy people. Why do we have to try and cause friction and trouble.
  16. Maxwellian

    Diy Sos (forum Style)

    Where am I staying? If BA I will travel on Friday.
  17. Maxwellian

    My Day

    I am glad nothing is broken, quick recovery I hope. Stair gate and Stannah lift had me in stitches.
  18. Maxwellian

    Church Services On The Broads In May

    Beccles https://saintbenetsbeccles.wordpress.com/
  19. Maxwellian

    Are You, Like Me, A Fat Pig?

    Haven’t seen mine for a long time.
  20. Maxwellian

    What's Your Personality?

    I am thinking it is you to a T Richard! :)
  21. Maxwellian

    Maps (and Charts If You Like)

    Robin... the number of my friends that have dropped their mobile in the toilet or bath is incredible. Never mind reliability what about numptieism.
  22. Maxwellian

    What's Your Personality?

    Personality type: “The Defender” (ISFJ-T) Individual traits: Introverted – 56%, Observant – 59%, Feeling – 51%, Judging – 68%, Turbulent – 54% Role: Sentinel Strategy: Constant Improvement
  23. Maxwellian

    What's Your Personality?

    I got defender!
  24. Maxwellian

    New Member Saying Hello

  25. Maxwellian

    Here At Last

    Not at all. Your interpretation of it may have been. I knew from previous discussions that it was not allowed but had no idea as to what rules applied. I am sure a byelaw is a rule. :)

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