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  1. It finally died down around 5pm after the hailstones came down that is.
  2. You two got room for a skinny one to join you in this bar?
  3. That`s funny because jon has been off work for a few weeks after putting his back out, your man isn`t called jon by any chance? I`ll have to ask exactly where he lives tbh.
  4. The prv is the safety valve so water passing through it tells you you have a problem and did you recharge the pressure vessel when the system was cold? If you continue to have problems I know of a plumber who lists his location as "Gods own county"
  5. Erm, you said pressure loss and leaking water from pipe outside earlier so I fail to see what you fixed.
  6. Agree Williams are a sorry state at the moment but with the recent departure of Paddy Lowe there are now no technical directors within the team where there should be three of them which says a lot. Go to the BBC sport web page and look at what an areo design guy has to say, if he is right then Ferrari are going to struggle this year. I for one would like 2019 to be the one where Bottas is repaid for help Lewis so much last year as I fear he will be looking for a new drive next year.
  7. No doubt the world has become a noisier place now Andrew! Now and then I like to "unplug" and enjoy the silence.
  8. A combi does away with tanks in lofts. Spend a little time on St. Google researching your Baxi tonight as it may save you time tomorrow. Downside of pressurised systems is that only trained people are allowed to work on them and sorry but that is the law.
  9. Thanks people, reading this I don`t feel as old as I did earlier
  10. Check the prv isn`t letting bye, if it`s been activated recently sometimes they don`t reseat properly. Plastic bag tied over the pipe will show up a leak.
  11. Same with any pumped system, you can`t get out more than you put in so agree it is down to pre install pressure & flow tests from which the boiler is choosen to suit.
  12. Thankfully I read a few old posts on different threads before posting anything or else I might of fallen into that mindset.
  13. Welcome aboard, wishing you fair days and a trailing wind. (Think that is the saying, lol).
  14. PS Given the chance I don`t drive slow lol. Done a few track days on both two wheels & four back in the day.
  15. Many moons ago I was dating a lady who raced in Formula Vee, she would shave minutes off my time over a regular 20 mile route yet never break the speed limit.
  16. Don`t forget to tell the insurance company if you do .
  17. Must of just missed you then.
  18. Jeeeze, that`s a hell of lot to take in a short space of time, don`t know anybody involved personally but feel for them.
  19. As mentioned above re new boilers and showers, agree some plumbers just throw a combi in as it is easy money however without prior testing of water pressure and flow rates problems such as hot water going cold if somebody opens a cold water tap whilst you are in the shower can occur. I am a trusted member of a good plumbers forum so if anybody is interested in learning more send me a pm and I`ll send the link to it.
  20. Causing installers all sorts of hassle from customers who think they are trying "to sell extras" though.
  21. So size does matter, nudge nudge, wink wink.
  22. Re the stat and other stuff, this came into law April 2018 http://registeredgasengineer.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Boiler_Plus_Are_You_Ready.pdf
  23. House boiler- Yes? Then don`t get talked into having a combi boiler as they don`t suit all. Wouldn`t go with BG and their expensive powerflush either.
  24. Probably thinking "Silly sod"
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