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  1. Having had to deal with one angry swan whilst taking a fountain pump out of a lake I take my hat off to you for getting that close.
  2. Now that was one stupid idea! Sadly not the only stupid idea from BL.
  3. Also a gentle touch is required with the sort of drill size you are working with.
  4. Congrats on the birthday however the aches and pains will only become more frequent and last longer from now in
  5. Thanks, it was awhile back that I quickly skim read the post yet never went back to read it properly.
  6. I recall a thread about insurance and something about the BA not approving some policies but can't seem to find it now, can somebody kindly add a link or point me in the right direction. Thanks
  7. Without eyes on, Could the seat foam base be removed back to the wood base then a new padded seat with it`s own wood base be fixed to the original base. Either screwed from underneath or possibly strong velco?
  8. https://www.apolloduck.co.uk/boat/alpha-craft-32/603375 In Bristol
  9. The engineer is the named gas safe person working through the company so should he be the only gas safe guy they have and he leaves then they shouldn't advertise as being gas safe registered.
  10. Just goes to show my point in another thread. I wouldn't buy a Vivaro due to bad reports however my 08 125k Vito doesn't owe me a penny. Weird isn't it?
  11. 15yrs with 176k wouldn't be a Toyota Hiace would it?
  12. Don't forget mine are old s5 and 7 models, the works phone handles sat nav all day and many calls and messages. I do hear you but hasn't every manufacturer released a bum model at some point whether it be a phone, a laptop a car ....
  13. Sorry to read your troubles and yes I recall certain model had battery problems. All I can say is that it hasn't effected either of mine both will go 24 or 36hrs between charges.
  14. I don't rent or buy new, my s5 and s7 for company calls have both been reliable and have good battery life. Is it something in the software that disturbs you Paul?
  15. Paul, please tell me more as an owner of two Samsung phones.
  16. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/06/01/chris-grayling-urged-save-dunkirk-little-ships-threatened-new/ Came across this yesterday.
  17. Congrats to Liverpool, scoreline was slightly flattering but they deserved the win after failing in what is it 6 previous cup final defeats. I felt spurs were never quite in it the game tonight.
  18. Had friends that lived there 20yrs back, please tell me the lovely place hasn`t been ruined by housing estates.
  19. `ello John, got a new motor?
  20. See you have the £200 balance, do you have a boat to sell?
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