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  1. Yep, same boat but now bit cheaper and with a broker.
  2. The Yellow one? Was a private sale when I saw the advert. Gumtree or Preloved I believe.
  3. Shame I can`t simply click on that link and be redirected.
  4. Having looked at a number of Bounty 35/37ft boats recently I can say almost no two boats are the same internally, don't know if this helps you or not lol. And welcome to the forum. Is it the one in Brighton that hasn't moved for 5yrs?
  5. I wasn`t sure if the link showing the gasket was the correct joint that you were talking about however I doubt lapping it will cure the leak. As you say heat and lack of it causes plastic to distort plus most plastics age harden. Once worked for a pump manufacture who had a 300% mark up on aftersale parts so see what you`re saying there.
  6. PM me a phone number, I`m going to Crick boat show at the end of May so I`ll see if they are doing a special show price for you.
  7. https://www.google.com/aclk?sa=l&ai=DChcSEwini5jdm9XhAhWF4VEKHZ2RDAgYABABGgJ3cw&sig=AOD64_1Odx4W0JdSeOq_cgXToIXI3P6_jA&ctype=5&q=&ved=0ahUKEwiR7pTdm9XhAhWjxYUKHUjEBwgQ2ikILQ&adurl= Not sure that was the correct link above.
  8. https://www.google.com/shopping/product/13947121890650817090?q=shurflo+diaphragm+pump+2095&prds=paur:ClkAsKraX681lhx4nqQps8a_b_M0g-CW-vwgUSSHV30lzzRy--g3SReHpXhmxyXKobeUNZ3k6GU1dVZzcya1bezC4m5Zq1RnRJw9tVNLGDg46AEdgYNeHDnzqRIZAFPVH70pHHnpUeoSTLsFE9dXehMgf7ZOhQ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj-ucObmdXhAhWDQxUIHcbkAA8Q8wIIvwI Would this help?
  9. But as somebody pointed out to me today, length of wood marked full, half & quarter with a cable tie attached through a hole at the top can be left inside the tank just below the filler cap and any diesel bug will show up as a gel on the stick!
  10. https://www.screwfix.com/p/fernox-ls-x-leak-sealer-50ml/23614 I have used this product for years (Screwfix, Toolstation, B&Q, Homebase etc) on pumps and other water compression joints. NB It is a clear silicone not a paste as described!
  11. Have to say that I`m impressed with what you guys got done based on what I saw Thursday when I popped in, it looked like organised chaos then hence I thought it best not to hang around. Next time I`ll come prepared to paint something or sweep up.
  12. http://www.bedazzledledlighting.co.uk/ Wyndham, don`t know if you`ve heard of or tried these people.
  13. Dropped in on them Thursday just to say Hi, put faces to names and have a nosey, didn`t stay long as everybody was busy busy with wood, cables or copper pipes.
  14. OldBerkshireBoy


    3RR?, somebody please
  15. Moorings for these are even harder to find though plus the weight and finding a yard to lift one.
  16. 40k to lay bricks as motorists kept hitting the ironworks on the bridge.
  17. Believe Vauxhall paid Lotus to sort out the handling on the VX220 and once had a Ferrari to play with but only for a few hours.
  18. Go find another of the same year and "Test drive " it for a comparison.
  19. Think I`ve seen 3 on travels between Norwich and Bracknell, Berkshire. Do we need a Bike talk thread?
  20. And mirrors Last time I checked copies of the original exhausts were around £1100
  21. Nice looking bikes however the dye in the wool purists would argue with you on being original. It is funny how much people want to tell you their stories wether it be bikes, cars or boats.
  22. Nice to see Kawasaki have re born the Z900 right down to the colour scheme. Sold both my old Z900 & the Z1000 last year.
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