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  1. Speaker(s) on mute? Opps, see I`m late with that idea. Anchors for sale on Gumtree & £5 each, around 8 left this morning.
  2. How did you possibly decide which you wanted?
  3. Do you know what you have at the moment and possible age of it, also is the water constant or surging?
  4. Below 40mph they were terrible things and for distance with comfort and speed I`ll take my old Kawasaki GPz900r.
  5. Can I ask what sort/ where from?
  6. During my travels around boat yards looking for a boat I`ve seen many stripped out internally so why is there no insulation added. Steel canal boats can have spray foam insulation or even foam(?) panels stuck on so why not fibreglass boats? Thanks
  7. If somebody would be kind enough to put a link up I for one will watch them - Promise. Thanks in advance.
  8. Have they recently brought out somebody because I was told there will be more moorings coming up for sale "When they are ready", whatever they meant by that.
  9. https://classicsailor.com/2019/01/beale-park-is-cancelled/ Sumed up in the first two paragraphs.
  10. Pumpmedic


    Welcome along Rich.
  11. Pumpmedic


    Best I don`t turn my back, opps too late! lol
  12. Blowing a mini gale tonight, happy I`m indoors @ NR3
  13. Simples, you give me enough £`s and I`ll vote for you!
  14. Opps sorry JF,. To be brief it is confusing because people use usernames and real names in conversations during the quiz which is fine if you`ve been around for years but as a newbie by the time I`ve worked out who`s who the next Q has popped up and I`ve missed it.
  15. Well done (no d) Lynsey. Tried the quiz a couple of times but it is sooo confusing.
  16. After all those DDDddddd`s and you now ask for ZZZzzzzzzz`s would be my reply
  17. Don`t know the dear lady but is she nuts?
  18. Whatever it is you are "feeling" I promise you it is nowt to do with me, best look behind you my friend.
  19. Would I be correct in thinking that this is not your first marriage JF
  20. Can confirm the puddles on the footpath were ice this morning around 12am
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