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Very early 1970's as a child of around five or six I'd had a trip to the dentist and been anaesthetised...very bad reaction whilst 'under' and a GP had to be summoned. I'd kicked the dentist in the unmentionables whilst unconscious. Brought back to consciousness Mum was walking me home along Balby Road in Doncaster. I felt rough. Sick, queasy, dizzy.  Two lorries thundered past on the road. The first carried a T-Rex, the second a Diplodocus. I didn't say a word. I remained quiet for a week...until Blue Peter carried a piece on two life-size replica dinosaurs being transported to Flamingo Land via Doncaster.

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Tim, Life is full of coincidences, when I was little I had 4 teeth removed to make room for the rest, when under a general anaesthetic, just as a tooth was pulled I cracked the dentist on the jaw with my free hand, while still remaining serenely unconscious. It was quite funny coming out of the dentists room, with me clutching my jaw cos it hurt, and the dentist doing the same.

They cant have had a very good anaesthetic in the 70's.

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At fifteen or sixteen I was a big lad, the dentists chair was upstairs.

In those days it was a injection and then gas, I reacted badly to the gas and was lashing out, and the dentist got in the way. 

The tooth was out, I never felt a thing once fully under, the dentist had to help me fall down his stairs. Once home the bleeding stopped after a couple of hours, but I was sick for a week with the effects of the gas.

These days, its just an injection in the top or bottom jaw and the jobs done. 

Why is it a scale & polish hurts more than a filling or an extraction?



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I think the big green truss is actually just part of the transport 'system' and the load is the large, grey box slung inside it.

Not sure what it is, but if I had to guess I'd say maybe an electrical transformer. It didn't have enough exposed bits to be my first thought, which was a ship's engine (if it was, it'd actually be a fairly small one).

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