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Where Have My Frogs And Toads Gone?


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I have just noticed something, there are no tadpoles in my pond. Thinking about this, I realised there was no chorus of my usual visitors this Spring my garden and my next door neighbour's garden usually echoes to the mating calls of the frogs and toads.

Has anybody else noticed anything like this or could this be down to the pesky stray cat that last year had been catching butterflies, dragon flies and all manner of wildlife in our gardens. My nutty neighbours have been feeding the cat although they don't want it. Even my mouse, Monty who used to dig through my compost heap and aerate it for me has gone. Meesis do have uses!


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We found a mummified frog alongside the pond when we came back yesterday.  It would be interesting to know how he/she got that way.

Have only seen two in the pond so far this year.  Hope this wasn't one of them.



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Here in North Norfolk it has been generally a cold Spring. Which will delay the activity of Amphibious creatures but there has been plenty of spawn in the sheltered ponds.

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We haven't seen a hedgehog in the garden for a couple of years. 

We do have a pair of deer that are regular visitors though. Not everyone's cup of tea as they are munkjacks. But surprised us as they built a load of houses in the field behind us. 

Sadly, we found a yearling drowned in our pond last week. Must have been spooked and went over the shallow edge. 

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For the first time in four or five years we have lots of hedgehog poo about the garden, so they are there but have not seen them. We are out on a limb and see from our raised position Fallow, Roe and occasionally Red. Unfortunately a lot of Muncjac as well,  who have had all our Tulips and Bluebells plus I suspect a lot else besides this year. Rabbits are also extremely plentiful this year, no "Mixi" about and are in and out on lightening raids before I can get my gun. 

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