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Stop Knocking The Broads Authority


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Well, this is all a bit abstract, isn't it?

2 hours ago, ZimbiIV said:


It's not nice to mock the afflicted.


Do you really mean those who are tortured by illness?


42 minutes ago, quo vadis said:

Two sheckles for an ex lepper sounds familiar

Nice bit of Monty Python but not sure of the connection.

44 minutes ago, quo vadis said:

 blessed are the  etc

When referring to the BA, from Matthew 5, chapters 3 - 10, do you mean blessed are the:



Pure in heart?


Those who are persecuted because of righteousness?

Or are you referring to the poor in spirit?

When I think of the BA, I prefer the woes of St Luke, 6 : 26.

"Woe to you when everyone speaks well of you, for that is how their ancestors treated the false prophets".

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If only the Authority, and Dr Packman in particular, could move forward WITH its parishioners, could regain the trust and understanding that it enjoyed under the stewardship of the previous chief executive then, joy of joys, we would have no reason to knock the Authority. A wise man once said: If you want to lead Broads people then find out where they are going then walk in front of them. As I wrote, a wise man.

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Dearly beloved, we are gathered here in the sight of Mod, both Admiral and Pesky, to sing hymns of freedom from tyranny with accompaniment on the Jenny Morgan. We have been granted the Grace, oh how we have been granted the Grace, to deal with the transgressions of the Blessed Authority and his Wench, which are not Maurice Mynah. We all know that the Blessed Authority and its ponif have fallen into the JawsOrca of folly and this is becoming more Regulo. The Q that we should be asking is... should our BroadsAmbition be as Maxwellian as the Doctor of Doom? BroadScot! Are we a raging storm of anger or just a RanworthBreeze? I ryiadhcrew will you join me brothers and sisters for I am not a PsychicSurveyor and cannot guess your Intamping2? We must act with Speedtriple and grab this false 'profit' by the wildfuzz before he puts the tolls up and we become choked like the Broads we love so much.

We will now sing Hymn number 305. Sit down, sit down for Jonzo the buggers at the back can't see.

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