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How Long ?


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On 17/11/2018 at 15:11, Chelsea14Ian said:

That's funny,seen many times people on there first day on the river,thinking they are Lord Nelson.With a little bit of Capt Jack thrown in.:default_biggrin::default_stinky::default_sailing:

And I've seen more than a few like that.... on their last day on the river :default_norty:  :default_gbxhmm:

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13 hours ago, Seagypsy said:

I was a sailor now I'm just a boater

Well that's a true statement to be a sailor your boat needs Sails but a lot of us have now gone the motorboat route or stinkys as sailors like to call us, :default_stinky:So yes I too am now a Boater

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I also went power when we left the sea.

I had a good friend, now sadly passed. His family moved to the Chilterns to find work in the 1930s from Sunderland and he was born a Bucks Man. Money was tight as the only work was agricultural but they got a cottage and food was plentiful being grown and shot.(plenty of rabbit then)

In the 1950s he was called up for National Service and managed because of family history to join the Royal Navy. He did infact stay in and did a total of something like 26 years.

The thing is, there was no such thing as a family holiday. When he got on the train at High Wycombe to report for basic training he was 18, I think, and had never seen the sea!!

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Griff (BA) used to wear a hat like that!

I did too although it never said 'Newcastle' on it. Plenty of other names but to mention just some of em:-  Raleigh, Mercury, Rame Head, Display Team, Cincfleet, Antrim, Glasgow, Gibraltar, Whitehall, Droxford, Attacker, Forest Moor, Falklands, Kolsas, OXP (Lots of em) Quorn, Explorer, Gibraltar and the current one? - Strawberry Mivvy (Civvy)


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2 hours ago, ZimbiIV said:

The average person is too intelligent to rely on the variables of wind and tide, when there is are other  means of reliable propulsion available, so the average person would never choose to be a sailor!


That rather depends on how seaworthy you want your craft and how far you wish to go.

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