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Best Degreaser Experiences & Suggestions ?

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Seen many of you fine folk getting those old engines cleaned up, allowing for better inspections, looking at our old perkins 4.108 and think it's time for a clean!. Was going to use GUNK, but whilst searching, I see there are 2 types, "ultra" & "the original in the metal tin". Anyone have any experiences, or better suggestions?


Also, after a good clean & once it's dried, would you recommend leaving it, adding a protection spray of some kind or paint?


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Paraffin and a pump sprayer,

old paintbrush and a toothbrush for stubborn bits.

if you use gunk you’ll need to rinse with water I guess,

then you have a largish quantity of contaminated muck to dispose of.

maybe slightly less messy with paraffin,

handful of cheap nappies in the bilge to soak it all up,bag it and bin it.

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Hi A sheet of plastic layed under sump with a absorbent pads on top to catch and prevent crud dropping in bilges, then a mixture of petrol and paraffin in a container, work mixture around with a long bristle one inch brush leave for a while then repeat, then rinsing of with water or wiping with rag, then start engine to evaporate the water. the paraffin stops petrol evaporating which has most power, and then leave a film of oil over engine to reduce rust take care to cover/prevent dirt mixture entering alternator and any wiring joints. steam cleaning is best but not practical in a boat as no drain to take the crude, frequent wiping of engine with lint free cloth during the year will prevent getting dirty in first place along with curing any oil leaks. AND obviously dont smoke or have naked flames. John

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