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Beccles Wooden Broads Cruiser Show 10th - 13th August 2023


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Photo's and write ups etc to follow, which is gonna be awkward seeing as I was in Rhodes for the event only getting back this morning.

(So I'm relying on others to contribute)

Broad Ambition was there as per the norm though this time with Bro' and crew as were many forumites with their beloved craft from this much respected forum



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No photos I’m afraid but I might try to get some later if anyone else passes me, on the wild mooring above Stokesby.  
I saw Ruby about an hour or so ago, too late to wave as I’m in the midst of diy, and two others. Hope I haven’t missed too many more. 
Looking forward to an update of the weekend. 

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Regarding the 'Number One Boat'  There isn't any boat competition run at the wooden boat show for 'Best Boat' - Never has been as Dave wants to avoid this sort of tag.  There isn't any sort of expert judging panel either.

What there is, a slip of paper issued to every craft, then the crew of each craft between them can vote  on which boat they would like to take home with them given the opportunity and have to write down their favourite three boats in priority order then the slips are handed in, counted and the results made public, but only the most popular three, even then, boats two and three get a mention in 'Despatches' not where they came in the voting,  Only the most favourite boat 'Number one' gets to know that.

This years most favourite boat was Navigator 1.

There is also a very popular quiz with a question on every craft there and sometimes a few extra curve ball question(s) thrown in for good measure.  Again each craft gets a questionnaire sheet the crews are encouraged to complete and and get returned.  The answers in nearly all cases cannot be 'Googled' it is very well supported and gets the crews introduced and meeting each other.

In all the years I've been attending with 'B.A' we have never been mentioned in dispatches and got nowhere with the quiz.  One year, me and Robin (Londonrascal - The Captains Blog) put in a real combined effort on the quiz, even with enlisted help from Barry - A broads historian - Despite our best efforts - Again came nowhere


What happens this year?  - I can't make it to the show so Bro' and crew attend - as a result 'B.A' gets mentioned in despatches and even 'worse', one of 'B.A's crew (Harry aged eight) wins the quiz outright! :default_icon_e_surprised:  You couldn't make it up :default_party0001:

I have some suspicions of serious skulduggery :default_norty:  :default_icon_rolleyes:

The 'Prize' for the quiz - A highly sort after Beccles 2023 mug (Every craft attending gets one of these)






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Young Harry was an absolute star. I witnessed him reading out the questions himself and yes, he did get the highest score (one of three who tied this year)

Here's a sample of the questions. It's designed to get people meeting and talking to each other. I would hate to think someone came for the weekend and nobody spoke to them.



The voting is very simple. You fill in one of these.....


.....we hand out over 100 on the day, and the boat with the most votes is our show winner. They get a certificate and they have to lead next year's convoy from Oulton Broad 

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2 hours ago, BroadAmbition said:

Nice one, Tvmom.

Some cracking questions there

Re Q17 - Tbh - Not a scooby but suspect it wasn't me, either Craig or Walter?



2 hours ago, BrundallNavy said:

No it was you. At least that was what I was told but like you we never seem to come anywhere near the top. 

There were 32 questions but two were void leaving 30 and there was a bonus point available which everyone got!

Anyway 3 people got a maximum 31 points and another 8 or 9 got 30 points. It was really close....

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