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Well Hello One and All


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Hi all, newbie to the forums but not the broads been holidaying regularly now for the last 5 years or so with the other half (some may say better Half) we tend to do 10 days around April/May time and again 10 days around end of September/early October, the October holiday always being the one where my mum joins us hence the mum in my username, this will be the 3rd year she has joined us.


  This year we back up for 10 days on the 10th of October picking up  Broadland Breeze  from Richardson’s in Statham, have to admit were are a bit of Richardson’s junkie, we all ways hire from them, they know there stuff, wicked customer service, clean reliable boats why go anywhere else, in fact it the second time we hired broadland breeze, I know she not a modern all singing and dancing one but she cheap, clean and cosy, and very blue inside and out lol, but ideal for us.


If you see us out and about, please give us a wave or stop for a chat there will always be a large glass of red with your name on it on-board.



Finally bit of a cheek I know, but this is just a suggestion/observation from a newbie looking though the forums. I noticed one which had a PDF and Word Doc listing all local doctors & and treatment centres etc. , and could see it came about because some poor chap had a bit of emergency/need, so though wow what a fantastic idea, I will print that as you never know better safe than sorry,  the only thing is through and not sure if you are aware you can only view, download etc if you are signed in as a member. Is there a way it can be changed so any one can view as the first thing I would do if I had an issue when on holiday would be to look on line if I came across it and then could not access it not sure I be too happy especially if urgent.


Any ways have a good day one and all



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@ Flghty that kewl you right it very very blue.


@ finny" Give Me Just a Little More Time"  and i will see what i can do but " hand on you Heat" is that really what you want as you " got to be Certian" becasue sometimes it " better the Devil you Know" and dont want you to get a " fever"  and start " Spnning around" or she throw you " into the blue"


see what i done there ;lol

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