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Norfolk On The Look-out For New Special Constables


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New recruits are being sought to join Norfolk's team of more than 200 committed Special Constables.

Norfolk's Special Constabulary is hosting a recruitment evening on Tuesday 27th June 2017 at 7pm in The Forum, Norwich.

The county currently has some 222 special constables who regularly give up their spare time to assist their regular police colleagues in the fight against crime.

Norfolk continues to be on the look-out for committed individuals who are keen to experience the world of policing while supporting their local community.

Specials manager Sue Goode, said: "Being a Special is a very fulfilling and interesting role where no two duties are the same.

"They are entrusted with considerable responsibilities and every time they come on duty they face the same challenges and problems encountered by regular officers.

"We are very proud of the team we currently havein Norfolk and we would be keen for anyone who may be keen togain new skills ortogive something back to their community to get in touch.

"Whatever your motivation, becoming a Special can be exciting, challenging and rewarding."

The role of a Special Constable includes providing highly visibility patrols and helping police major incidents and events. They also offer vital links in the partnership between the police service and the public.

The recruitment event is due to take place at 7pm The Forum, Millennium Plain, Norwich, NR2 1TF.

Attendees will be given information on the recruitment process, the roles of a Special Constable and have the opportunity to meet a number of those already out on the beat.

To book your place at the recruitment evening, please contact 01953 425699 ext. 2371 or email stepspecials@norfolk.pnn.police.uk

If you are unable to make the evening, but would still like to find out more, please call the above number or visit our website at http://www.norfolk.police.uk/.

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Are they the pink fluffy ones and why would I dress up as a nurse?


My old Kung Fu Intructor used to be a special, most complained about special in the history of the essex force apparently. So the story goes the criminals didn't like the more unusual restraining techinques he was using. Loads of pain with no visible marks left. Those were the days eh.....LOL



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Could we have a little decorum please? This is not the "beaver" thread!   :133_guardsman:

Wild fuzz makes a serious point, as a rural county such as Norfolk relies a great deal on Specials, just as it does on retained firemen.

When I first started up in Womack, Ludham still had a police house and as I was just out of the Army, it didn't take Roger Hewitt, the local Constable, very long to get me signed up as a Special.

The "division" was North Walsham, where the Specials did evening training courses and all uniform and equipment was provided by County Hall. "Equipment" in those days was a truncheon, a whistle and Roger's Mini van, in which the radio hardly ever worked. We did our best, however!

Time on duty in uniform was not great and the hours were very flexible according to when you were available. The only "bum" job was policing home games at Carrow Rd in Norwich but I usually got out of that, as I was on the boatyard on Saturdays!

I would say that, once a Special, it is not just the times when you are in uniform. You become part of the community and are always there to help, with whatever may happen in the village. If you want "bobbies" back on the beat, this is the way to do it.

I was a Special for nearly seven years - just missed the long service medal - and I found it enjoyable and rewarding.

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Next month I will have clocked up 12 years as an SC down here in Essex.

The things I see and sometime do puts everyday life into perspective big time.

The skills and experience it brings have been invaluable. Always wear a seatbelt and never ride a motorbike :-)


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6 hours ago, BroadAmbition said:

never ride a motorbike :-)

That of course cannot refer to Tykes on British Bikes over 1 x Ltr does it? - Surely not!  My tiger has give me over 32k of pure enjoyment


And long may it continue to!

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