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Horning Boat Show


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Just a Bump Up as we are now less than a month from the show.

Horning sailing club will of course be having their try sailing event, where for £5 (to cover insurance etc) you can be taken out on the water for 20 minute to 1/2 hour in a Sailing boat with an expert helm. Normally we have a selection of keel boats and a dinghy or two. life jackets provided,  soft soled shoes please!!

Our Tea bar  (with cakes) will be open with very low prices, where you can sit and watch what's going on.

There will be officers of the club around to assist with enquires, and I may even be around somewhere to welcome you..

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Hello, the dredgers back, having worked it's way up the river from the club, it's now back where it started just up river of the corner. Hopefully it will now work the other way along that  bank as that's where the shallow is. Only if it's on the corner on Saturday for the Boat show that could make it rather narrow..

See you Saturday... Must make a name tag...

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49 minutes ago, Wussername said:

Looking forward to visiting the club house for a cup of tea and a bun. 

Will the grandchildren, 8 and 10, be able to have a bit of a flap about?


The club is running try a boat day, keelboats will be available to take people out for 20 minutes - half hour sail for £5 per adult (discounts for children and families will be available). Life jackets supplied, please wear flat shoes...(ie no high heels Grace).

Keelboat =  sailing yacht, without a cabin 20ft to 25ft, lump of lead underneath so they don't fall over, a expert helm will be with you in control..

There may be dinghies available for those who don't mind the chance of getting wet, and are a bit more athletic than me...;


 Horning Sailing club run a sailing school May to September , adults and children(8 or over) ask at the club . https://horning-sailing.club/tccourses.php




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The Broads Beat boys and girls will be there, even the new sergeant is on duty, so drop in and say Hi, they are a great bunch and very helpful, mention my name and you may get a free key ring!!!!!! Lol. (Or escorted off site!)

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2 hours ago, Lulu said:

So if we mention Wildfuzz, they will know who we are talking about

 and wont get arrested lol

Best use my real name, otherwise it may be taken the wrong way....... and no key ring lol....

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The club webcam isn't showing any activity yet, but I note there is a space on the village green at the pub end, so I guess the no mooring sign has gone up for that bit, where a couple of exhibition boats will be.

It's a bit early though,  as most will set up Saturday Morning just a few late Friday.

See you tomorrow,,,

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