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Mud Weight Size

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As a rule of thumb I believe that your mudweight should come in exactly the right size to be 

a- just not quite heavy enough to hold the boat and 

b- just too heavy to haul back aboard once you realise a!




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Personally I use a 22kg mud weight but being a live aboard I carrying a lot more weight than a boat used for leisure of the same size , I do however have 2 meters of heavy chain attached to the mud weight before the wrap attaching it to the boat n never had it move even in storms and seriously strong winds , getting it back is reasonable easy if you accept that its unlikely you will pull it out manually , its far easier to pulltge boat to the sunk mud weight and then tie it off tight and move forward or  astern to pull it out then its easy enough to pull up .

Quite expensive bits of kit though given that they spend their working life in mud especially if you want to join the shiny shiny brigade .

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11 hours ago, JennyMorgan said:

I also carry a 50 lbs weight in the forepeak but if it really turns nasty then I might resort to a 'Bruce' anchor, wonderful bit of kit. 

Moving our boat to the broads in a few weeks time, I don't have a mud weight just an anchor.

im wondering if there are any rules on using anchors in the broads system and whether I would find a mud weight useful, perhaps over the stern when at anchor?

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