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The Rugby World Cup


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Today is of course the final of the world cup.Its been a great event,not only for England but many other teams involved 

Like many I will be glued to the TV,in the hope we can win the cup again.It would be something to gain the second World cup this year.Winning the Cricket world  cup against New Zealand this summer.

Good luck boys .

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Awful game... Was not impressed at 63 minute... A Right hook punch by SA player into Our player... If I saw it clear of day why didn’t TMO say to the Ref... 

Eddie goofed up on keeping last weeks team in... He should of played the format when we played Australia....  He should of seen that SA had a strong defence from other games... 

We nearly had this World Cup in the bag...  we played fantastic all the way through getting stronger and stronger... Then today’s game was Awful.. Then 2nd half last 20 mins... What can I say..  Basically giving it away... 

Absolutely gutted... 


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As usual, England thought they only had to turn up to win because we invented the game. It's the same old story with All English international teams. One day, they may realise you have to play Better than your opponents to win tournaments. To be able to win, first you've got to "want to win", not rely on your own ego's. 

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3 hours ago, SteveO said:

Very sad but SA were the better team, Situation made worse by having to endure having the BBC's multicultural liberalism rammed down my throat at every opportunity both pre and post-match.


I watched it on ITV, no probs there, apart from the blessed adverts!

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Disappointing. SA were able to gain repeated penalties from our weaker scrum. Given that this was a foreseen risk, maybe not enough was done in setting up a response. 
Strength trumped elegance in todays match. Of course the early concussion didn't help.


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It has become England's style of game play to have dynamic, mobile forwards who are excellent at breaking the gain line, carrying the ball etc but the downside is they are not so good in the scrummage or at the breakdown and that was where today's game was won and lost. No matter how dynamic your forwards are if you cannot create a platform then you can't play and England never had that.

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