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Anyone know what this is?


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It's a spider innit? :)

This time of year they come into open windows, you can hear them trekking across the carpet and argh! they jump.

Wolf spider??? House spider...I wouldn't care to offend it by calling it 'common'. :)

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John, have you ever heard of spider cracks in wooden boats? Probably not, but I suspect that you have in plastic ones. The web is full of advice on mending them in tupperware boats, but not in timber ones:


That's a really useful article, thanks Peter, but I guess we'll have to wait until she's out of the water again....  :clap :clap :clap

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You could try a terrier, she doesn't approve of anything smaller than her being allowed to live.  Leigh is a bit slow for rabbits these days, but frogs, spiders, flies and moles are fair game to her.  The not quite so lean, mean, killing machine.  Dave, I have a son who was a rather good roughie toughie rugby player but cannot stand spiders and I rather suspect his wife Sandra plays a similar role to Jen. :shock: :shock:


Personally I don't mind one or two hanging around, I like flies less.


Keith cheers

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"So moving to Australia was aversion therapy??"


Not really Pauline, while we visiting Hanging Rock towards the end of the Australian trip a spider with a red spot on its back landed on Gareth and boy you should have seen that dance routine.  With the usual wifely sympathy, Sandra couldn't stop laughing. two guns


Keith :)

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As I live in a very sandy soil area the blighters are getting bigger and bigger to the extent, I too now use the accidental size 11 with the twist the foot motion just to make sure. 


Working in attics and below floors they never bothered me including many old webs, but when they dash across the floor its kerzap time! :naughty:


cheers Iain.

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Beautiful is not a word I would use Tim, if I saw one on board though I would throw it overboard rather than that squashed mess to clear up. "Use your own raft not mine." :)


Strumpshaw Fen is one the places we are thinking of visiting next time there, since we'll have a 12 year old nature lover with us.

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.....Utterly harmless on wooden boats but lethal on plastic. The humble polyestermite can be devastating  but those things are grp's worst enemy.



Anyone wishing to dispose of an old GRP hull would wish that were true Peter, the damn stuff is all but indestructible, unlike beautifully varnished "bio-degradables".  :)


I'm like John, I find conkers work quite well, though I've never found a shred of scientific evidence to prove it.


On the boat I also use anti-spider chestnut spray, which presumably works for the same reasons, (and can be used to freshen up conkers mid-season, like putting tomato sauce on tomatoes.) (yummy)

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