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Broad Ambition - TLC Time Again

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Just a thought, why don't you arrange to meet JM at Stalham, leaving one vehicle there and driving back to Horning ready to sail. When you reach Stalham you will have a vehicle local ready to go back and collect the other one at Horning.

Looking outside at the snow coming down, I do feel for you. It's the eternal question? take the boat out in the Summer and miss using it for a few weeks, or take it out in the Winter and face whatever the weather decides to throw at you. It's never an easy choice.

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Griff, Keith's suggestion makes sense to me. Be able to help you scrub too.

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I have a few pictures from my 3 days there, not many, but we were generally quite busy.















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On 2/3/2017 at 9:56 PM, w-album said:

You are in Horning posts are difficult so good luck with all your work. WR outside still...

here you go, I got a picture for you.









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oops managed to post too many, I swear I only clicked one picture to add. still tired from all the work I guess.

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Thanks for that, Grendel. You guys have done an incredible amount of work!

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And then there was just one - me - situation normal then. Howard left this afternoon. Lift from Stalham sorted for tomorrow. Hoping to launch at 1300-ish then meander back to wet shed.  Anyone local welcome to join me for the river trip. 


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From deck level down we are complete apart from:-

2 x coats varnish and graphics on transom.   Red shadowing on bow graphics.

Shaft / rudder assembly completed as is anti foul, boot topping. There's still a multitude of items to attend to

We have changed location of horn and searchlight at long last along with the first repaint of coach house roofs for about 12 years  another job was to cut 4" off the base of helms chair then round off edges varnish, S/steel corners back on









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Blimey, you have really cracked on, well done Griff, Howard and Robin. I know we were all working hard while I was there, but seeing the progress since I am amazed at the amount you have got done.

Have a great trip tomorrow.

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brilliant effort all, now that is a job well done, she looks fabulous!!

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I have taken some video on my phone and a lot of photos that I hope to post tonight to fill in the gaps from her lifting out to when I had to leave for home.

Suffice to say, given the conditions we all did a great job and thanks to this very Forum for those who popped by to see us, offer help and the like.  It was hard at times with passing boats sending their wash into the shed or just arriving to work to find a high tide had inundated the our little area - having to sweep as best we could the water back out.  It was often cold but once you had got into the days work you'd soon warm up - shame that the cold air caused so much delay in everything from Varnish to Paint drying which would then have a knock on effect in the coming days work.

I enjoyed it all though and being able to see things and know that I had prepped the surface, or painted this or varnished that it really was however a team effort.  We've still a bunch to complete especially internally, but at least externally you're sure to see a marked change and improvement.

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53 minutes ago, MauriceMynah said:

Nah nah nee nah nah,

Griff's a forum icon...Griff's a forum icon..

Nah nah nee nah nah.   :) 

It would have taken a lot more days to get Griff into a shape :-) - what shape were you considering? (other than knackered Yorkshireman that is). (mind you he is in better shape than I am- My shape is tall and round)

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Any news on how the day went? What did I miss, apart from hypothermia?

I watched one of the syndicate boats, Lightening I think, crossing Oulton Broad this afternoon. The cold had got behind my fingernails, arghhh, wasn't convinced that I was envious or not!

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Thunder is not being used his week so let's hope it was Lightening......!

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We, that is 'B.A! and I are back in the wet shed. I should have been home This evening it will now be tomorrow evening. Still lots to do. Lots of thanks due to too many to mention here but big thanks to our visitors who brought a happy clean face along with encouragement and even cream cakes!  Thanks to Trev for letting us use Giddy Kipper (I'll visit her tomorrow for final time) Tks to SandS for dinner Saturday evening and running me back to Horning today. Barry for helming 'B.A' today allowing me to clean the outside of her at least. I'm somewhat a tad tired but onboard, fed,watered, warm and therefore content.    I'll do a proper write up once home later this week


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Pictures...Pictures and more pictures:

Showing Broad Ambition arriving at the yard and being taken out the water - and as you see she has a pretty clean bottom. A lot of this is because she has a high quality, hard coastal anitfoul used.  She also travels a fair bit and not left sitting in the same area of water for months on end together with the fact a bit of salty water now and then sorts out the fresh water growth that might build up. It was straight on to pressure washing the hull - though the machine was able to do this at about 100c so a great plume of steam and great results.

The following photo diary shows the progress and work that went on - from fitting a new MPPT Solar Charge Controller but the helm, to removal of all deck hardware, sanding, masking and on to painting, staining, varnishing - lots of that - relocation of the horns and spot light the interior being pulled part for the wiring, the toilet being taken out, various pipes redirected and shortened new 12v extractor fan installed in galley new dressing strips for the aft welldeck all new anti foul, polish the propeller shaft and propeller new cutlass bearings and stern gland packing the list just went on and on.






























































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I think I will stick to GRP and a bi annual antifoul........ She looks magnificent, I hope the other river users are "careful" when passing her, and may all the seagulls miss!!!!!! 

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Here is the update.  Items in red - Outstanding.  If this lot doesn't put any perspective boat owner off - Then nowt will  :shocked

1)      Pressure wash hull scrub down with nylon pads

2)      Inspect hull and address any soft areas, graving or plank replacement as required.

3)      Anti-foul hull with 037 Coastal red

4)      Paint boot topping with 034 Emperor

5)      Renew 2 x cutlass bearings

6)      Remove / inspect / clean / grease rudder assembly

7)      Flat back / undercoat / top coat hull

8)      Transom – strip, repair, varnish, new graphics

(2 x coats Brave varnish + graphics to be applied)

9)      Jizer clean – Beta / Gearbox / Drip tray

10)    Remove / clean / filters to vent for waste tank

11)    Sterilise fresh water tanks

12)    Replace galley extract fan, Deep clean covers

13)    Deep clean, inspect bilges / under bunks / below decks throughout

14)    Deep clean bulkheads / Deckheads / fittings throughout

15)    Deep clean upper deck / cabin sides

16)    Service Mikuni replace glow plug

17)    Drain diesel tank to running clear

18)    Clean diesel / water separator filter

19)    Clean raw water Vetus filters

20)    Remove/Replace deck cant rail entirely.  New cant rail will not be fixed until after Dek-king

21)    Replace solar panel controller with MPPT unit, install new monitor

22)    Inspect sacrificial anode – Fine no need to replace

23)    Template up cabins for Marinetuft carpet mats

24)    Inspect / clean steering gear / grease Bowden cable

25)    Inspect / Clean prop

26)    Remove / replace tired dressing plywood to well deck area, varnish etc Started but not completed

27)    Inspect / Clean / Re-site pipes etc for macerating w/c

28)    Deep clean upper decks

29)    Flat back, repaint with two pack fwd and aft coach house roofs

30)    Replace throttle / Gearbox control cable with Morse Supreme items

31)    Remove gearbox inspect change drive plates if required

32)    Remove coupling driveshaft, take to Donny, replace both UJ’s with sealed units

33)    Design / source recessed s/steel hooks into windscreen surround for replacement TV

34)    Move searchlight and base fwd to present horn site

35)    Move horns and base  and plug fwd to allow windscreen to sit down flat

36)    Cut down Helms chair base by 4” varnish, refit s/steel corners

37)    Make / fit teak landing pad for windscreen – needs 2 x more coats Brave varnish

38)    Survey upper deck / repair with hardwood where necessary in preparation for Dek-king 

39)    Apply replacement graphics to Port and Stbd bow ‘Broad Ambition’

40)    Measure horn / searchlight / screen pad for airdraft

41)    Order / fit amended brass airdraft information plate to helm

42)    Fit upgraded LED’s to engine bay


New Items:-

Investigate sticking gas control on hob

Fit new white screw caps to deckhead lining throughout where required

Fit new brown screw caps to cabin bulkhead carpet throughout

Fit fwd passageway deckhead lining, insulate led cables

Deep clean deckhead lining, condition with ‘Armour all’

Deep clean / polish interior woodwork / varnish

Deep clean all interior decks

Reapply clear silicone to heads deckhead

Touch up 2 x pack paint to fwd coach house roof above fwd cabin windows

Fit gas indicator

Fit plug chain in shower basin

Complete store ship from shoreside locker

Sort out shore side locker






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