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'Tourist' swings swan round by neck


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guy needs a good hard kick in his nuts !

As well as a thoroughly good kicking in my book and then locking up in Rampton.....permenantly. I really hope this excuse for a human is found, has his hands and legs tied and is covered in what ever swans like to eat and is thrown in a pen with atleast 100 of them. I cant find the words to express how truly upsetting I find this

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There's absolutely no justification for this behaviour, glad the police are taking this seriously.

A swans hiss is generally worse than their peck! Once you've folded their wings and picked them up they are usually very docile.

Except for the black swans, never experienced it myself but heard they can be vicious.

I used to help Swan Lifeline many years ago, visited their base and had a few hours training.

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I do hope they find the offender, I wonder what his family would think about this, especially if he has grand children.

As we are on the subject of feeding wildfowl and damaged wings, then we all need to consider what harm we are doing, feeding them white bread and other processed food.

A condition called "Angel Wing" this can damage their wings to a point where they can't fly, and save them selves from attackers.

Here is some information...


We first read about this at Ellesmere lake in Shropshire, there were graphic pictures showing the condition.

So we can all help to prevent this.

There is nothing more relaxing than feeding ducks, but we need to consider what we feed them.

The approach of say... it's only a bit of bread, is multiplied up as each boat cruises past.

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Swans can be viscious buggers but are not normally so. I am usually quite confident around most of gods creatures (that is unless we are talking lions tigers or anything else that can rip you limb from limb). I have been known to handle swans and other water birds to assist them when caught in fishing tackle (if i can catch them and I think I can help). However there was one day I was walking round a trail at How Hill to round a corner and be confronted by a swan protecting its nest, did I walk past it....did I heck!! This one meant business and it wasnt having any of my charm. captaindread, maybe the one that got you was protecting its young to, or just having a bad day!

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