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Big Oops!


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Oh geez.. did you guys have to take the white boardings off?? or did the boat do that itself? Much damage to the boat? Well done again.. you guys certainly picked a good mooring spot there ;)cheers

yes boards of and now laying at the yacht station before they caved the roof in.had to flood it as well thankfully not to far motor is ok


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Oh geez.. not good.. it's not hard.. if it doesn't look like its going to fit then it probably isn't.. 


Once again.. hope no harm done to anyone.. and fingers crossed property can be repaired quickly...


tut tut  :norty:  :norty:

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Although speculation, I can well imagine the hirers were due to hand their boat over tomorrow or Saturday and so likely thought ‘we have to make it’ – seemingly at all costs.


I feel it would be right that if a hirer had made a crossing outside the published safe tidal time (low or slack water) and then ignored the bridge height gauge and come to grief like this, they should bear the brunt of some of the costs – if not repair then recovery.


After all. not only has the lifeboat had to attend, but third party services have had to be brought in to effect recovery. Then there is the damage to the wooden board on the bridge that will need replacing not to mention the boat itself having to have its bilges flooded to get it free and the resultant repair costs and time at Faricraft Loynes for this and the roof.


What can be done to help prevent such?  Some might say a pilot service be introduced – but then that already exists at Wroxham and still people ignore it and damage boats – St. Olaves has claimed some boats in the past trying to pass under it when insufficient clearance.


Perhaps it is time to get very obvious, they have these signs in America maybe we need them here now too.



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Sorry Robin.. but if they can't work out that there's a big metal bridge and they will hit it.. I think they will ignore a sign...


I agree though.. it's time to pass these repairs cost onto the hirers... hitting the pocket is perhaps the only way to affect the brain cell..

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This has been going on for decades. Its just highlighted more quickly due to modern technology reporting! IMHO. 


Will it happen again? You bet it will, sad to say. You could put a sign every ten yards and these accidents will still happen.



cheers Iain

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The problem at GY is if you get too close with the tide going in your direction a hire boat is going to have one heck of a job turning or holding in reverse for many hours. Not sure some of the older hire boats would even be able to hold back against the tide?


Those type of signs need to be way back on either side of the bridges to give people a chance to take avoiding action.


Reedham is getting to be a classic example. I have to have the bridge swing to get through. The last umpteen times I have been through it they will not answer the radio (and I have heard lots of boats calling in, not just me). They have a great new LED sign up, but in order to see it you do have to get pretty close. Sure they have the pontoons, but they don't hold many boats unless you can raft up. If I am coming over Breydon or along the new cut I like to know before I get to that point if I can get through - it's often easier to slow down or take a little detour for 10 mins than go through the aggravation of using the pontoon and getting covered in duck/goose poo. Same if I am coming from the Reedham ferry side.

Somerleyton on the other hand are always very helpful and I always know in good time if I need to take avoiding action.


I know hire boats don't have this problem (most of the time) but if you get the timing wrong on a fast tide good luck turning round in time. If the wind is blowing you have even more problems.


I know these may not have been factors in this incident or the others, but Robins idea is sound if they are placed well in advance which may be a challenge.


My other suggestion is to remove all the bridges :party:  :party:  :party:

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Mark I agree if they are done a long way out then it will be a good idea. But i believe the BA do do a good job at advertising the low bridge fact.. personally I wouldn't approach yarmouth if I couldn't get under the bridge (or be helming a boat knowing I can turn and even still if the superstructure is higher than the bridge then I wouldn't approach) because as you say it's impossible to turn and moor against the tide (even with a decent engine it's too bloody narrow).. I don't think it's helpful to have the YS that close to the bridge as it's encouraging people to come down and risk turning.. perhaps the old marina keys is a much better location for the YS and the current YS should be used as a demasting area.. and as such no boat should go further downstream unless the airdraft is lower than the bridge. Coming up. No boat should be permitted to get close vauxhall unless they can come under (with a foot clearance).. this could be written into the byelaws and therefore those ignoring and causing such incidents can be fined.  But that's a lot of expense for the odd incident.

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why would the boatyards do away with CDW and go back to Security deposit.....


Lets say the CDW is £50........


Security deposit    £250........


100 boats out on hire for the week........


1 GETS STUCK........ 99 return with no problems


with security deposit boat yard keeps 1 x £250 = £250

returns the other 99 deposits


With CDW boatyard keeps 100 x £50 = £5000...


Just a thought......


And I don't think the people who do stupid things will be more careful to try and get their deposit back....



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I'm inclined to agree with Geoff. Other problem is yards probably wouldn't have time to examine every boat in detail for example underwater damage may not be picked up immediately. I've even heard of hirer's bodging fibreglass with plastercine and spraying it with white paint. The damage waiver is quick and easy to administer and probably saves a lot of argument with hirer's eg how do you estimate the value of damage on the spot??

Just my 2p :-)

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