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Cilla Black


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The day this song went to number 1 Cilla who lived above a hairdressers in Scotland Road in Liverpool then, had to go down to the phone box outside to hear it had made number one! This is my personal favourite.





cheers Iain.

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As a child I loved |"Anyone Who Had a Heart".  I must've been about 9 or 10 at the time and Cilla was an early crush of mine. She certainly had personality in spades. 


Nice story re the phone box, Iain. How things have changed for all of us in the last 50 years eh?  

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Totally agree with you all. She was real, unlike many of todays current crop of entertainment robots, who don`t have any personality, Charisma, or individuality. She always wanted to be remembered as a singer, but was in fact an brilliant all round entertainer who could make people laugh one minute with her Liverpudlian quit wit, then melt their heart with a song the next.


I think the worst thing she did was blind date. I always said the contestants were often on it purely and simply to try and start a career in television. When they showed a repeat of the show where she was interviewed by Paul O, Grady (ex Lilly Savage), where they mentioned some of the contestants and had them on stage. Amanda Holden, and some stand up comedian who i`ve never heard of was another.


I think it was the way the show was going, and she was`nt happy about it, so she bowed out in typical Cilla style.


She`s just another one of the golden greats to sadly leave us, and the world of entertainment is a lot worse off with out her, and her kind.



R.I.P Cilla.

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