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Save The Dogs

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Can I request that any dog lovers look at Change.org and find the story/petition about the army dogs which are due to be put down because they have come to the end of their working life.

I found this a couple of days ago and signed the petition . Since the another 200000 people have done the same.

In my opinion there can not be too many signatures on this so PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take a minute to join in


Many, many thanks.         Jeff

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It’s an interesting one. We used to live in Melton and that centre does fantastic work looking after forces animals.

I certainly don’t agree the dogs should be put down but I’m not sure I agree they should go into a domestic situation (even with experienced handlers).
Some of those animals have been through hell and have pretty severe behavioural problems.

I’m sure the centre has a very good reason for not wanting to release them. But I’m also sure they could give them a pleasant retirement.

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Well I would sign without a doubt as I'm a big dog lover , thing is its coming up as VICTORY , so I guess the day is won , so on behave of my loyal doggie friend shadow and me well done those that spotted this earlier :default_beerchug:.

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I agree with JohnK, these dogs are trained to attack, have probably had traumatic experiences through no choice of their own and trained by humans to save the day. A family environment is not a good idea but they deserve a peaceful and happy retirement and not to be put down because they've served their purpose and of no use any more

Thank you Jeff for bringing it to our attention and giving us a chance to have our say and make a difference :default_xmas6:



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Hmmm, tin hat firmly on and hiding in a concrete bunker as I type this.

1st off, I love doggies and have had many through the years, and second, if this petition is just as it seems to be, then great and well done to all concerned.....     .....but the cynic in me just will not quite swallow it.

Over recent years on-line petitions have completely failed to achieve anything significantly positive for a number of reasons. This is not good news for the people earning their living from running such websites. So! How to improve the overall image of said sites?

How about taking something non political that will have pretty universal agreement and later advertising it as a success. Yup, that'll do the trick.

Sorry folks, I just can't accept these things as genuine but merely a money making exercise for someone.

Maurice Mynah has left the building and has gone into hiding :14_relaxed: 

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