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Calling All Musicians!

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As I was sat in this morning, on my pastors day off, waiting for the drizzle to pass in order to go over to the boat, I decided to pass the time the only way I know, playing me bass guitar to some loud and banging tunes from the stereo.

It was whilst doing this that I had a bit of an insane idea, that will probably get me kicked off the forum, but nothing ventured nothing gained, to ask how many other musicians we have, and if anyone has ever had the thought to create an NBN forum band, that we can use for meet ups or on other social occasions?

As well as playing the bass I also play guitars and drums (I was never popular with my neighbours), and Mrs PastorsDayOff is also a half decent bassist. I’m sure we must have some other musicians and some half decent singers on a forum this size.

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It was a rather tongue in cheek post, but I’m up for it. Of course it’ll be easier for those more local to this area. But actually, some of the best fun that can be had with music is for those who can play and sing simply to turn up and jam together with whatever music we have available.

But, as a pastor by trade, I do have access to a hall with keyboard and drums on site, and a sound system to plug anything else into. 

It can be done!

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Well, I used to be a dab hand on the washboard and we have Maurice Mynah for a steel band backing on the Bio diesel drums. Grendel can always give us "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire", so who else have we got?

Not sure we ought to involve Broad Ambition in this - that might mean actions rather than words!

As we will be on the beach at Salhouse, there's always Dwyle Flonking of course. . . .

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