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Beccles Wooden Boat Show

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In light of recent events and to clarify the situation for those asking, the Beccles Wooden Boat Show is an independant event that takes place over Beccles Carnival Weekend, normally the third weekend in August.

The event is a private gathering of a group of like minded individuals. There is no intended connection with any organisation, forum or company. There is no entry fee, no club to join, no membership fees to pay, no hidden agenda, no commercial sponsorship and we have nothing to sell. The only thing attendees pay is their mooring fees. On years when a mooring discount able to be offered that is passed directly onto the attendees and when a discount cant be secured the normal mooring fees are paid.

The event is financed by me and me alone. That is my choice. It costs me roughly the price of a good meal out for four and lasts two days!!!

Why? Well I dont drink, smoke or keep maggots in the fridge. I do, however, have a passion for these old woodies and this is me indulging my passion and, in the process, recreating what Beccles yacht station once looked like the way I remember it back in my youth. A line of glorious boats covered in varnish.

I call it a boat show because we encourage those attending to open their boats up for each other to have a look round, to 'show' them. There is also a fun quiz that has a question on each boat attending which again encourages people to visit each other and talk. That way everyone feels involved, part of the show.

We attract a range of boats spanning back close to 100 years with most of the major manufacturers of the time represented.

And thats about it, so now you know.




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JA, you will never convince me the attraction of boats that want to sink over boats that want to float!

I do enjoy woodies and think you do sterling work on keeping things afloat ( pun intended).

I hope you all enjoy the meet and the weather is kind.


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Cracking OP JA.  Well said and much respect.  Even more respect from those of us like 'B.A' and her crew fortunate enough to be in a position to attend.  Now you might think the following sentence is a bit of a joke / funny aimed your way - Well it ain't.  Proper straight faced for a change:-


We're not worthy.  But Thanks for all you do for all of us all the same  :default_icon_bowdown:


Griff  (And 'B.A' and her crew)

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This seems to be the story of my life these days. I go months with nothing on at a weekend then this event that I would have driven to clashes with the 24hr Le Mans style race for 2CVs at Snetterton. 

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If you haven't been to this event, it's a unique opportunity to visit aboard wooden boats and talk with their custodians about the work they do to keep these lovely pieces of Broads History going for a next generation.

I say 'custodians' rather than owners because that is how it feels to own one of these special craft.

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That is how we see Brilliant, hopefully, when we relaunch next year, she will be in a better condition than she has been for many years.

You have to say it's irrational, but these boats have their own personalities, I can't explain it.

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I'm so much looking forward to this annual event.  The C-inC commencing at Oulton Broad down to Beccles at 1230 on the Friday will be a spectacle in itself, over twenty woodies taking part as a historical flotilla with all flags proudly flying.  Then the actual get together, around thirty bio-degradables that have most certainly not degraded, plus of course attractions, live music, the float parade down past the marina, meeting regular friends, friends we only see once a year and of course making new ones.  Public onboard having a look-see.  Personally having MrsG and Macie dog to mysen onboard is always a treat, then the bonus of our Grandson Charlie visiting for the first time onboard with his Mum and Dad.  It doesn't get much better than this.


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JCurrently sitting with an early morning cuppa behind an impressive lineup of wooden boats.I arrived just about 7.30 pm and got set up, an enjoyable evening chatting. Royal Tudor made it.
And the picturesP_20180818_060105.jpgP_20180818_060057.jpgP_20180818_060051.jpg

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