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Yorkie Rescued.


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I just heard of one little dog who wasn't so lucky.  A dear little Boston Terrier bitch not yet 1yr old who my daughter "babtsits" 3-4 days a week and with whom her own Boston is besotted drowned  at the weekend while out with her family .I don't have the details of how. All concerned are naturally  distraught.  Our whole family loved her and my 2 granddaughters and daughter are inconsolable. R.I.P. Bella




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You're going to laugh at at me I know you are, but when I read the heading Yorkie Rescued, I thought it was a dog but when I found out it wasn't and thank God this poor man was rescued and I did read the whole article and really feel for his predicament, but the fact is that heading although factual in its sense Yorkie rescued, I read it differently which just means that whether a person comes from Yorkshire Hampshire Outer Mongolia doesn't matter, that I thought it was a dog a man's best friend because let's face it how many of us have mourned the loss of a pet more than a family member So basically pet or human same result rescued fantastic People have lost their lives rescuing us humans and I think as many rescuing pet animals, just proves who we are and the sort of people we strive to Be.

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Of his own admission the victim was both 'largish' and seventy seven years old. Apparently so 'largish' that the air ambulance was used as a crane in order to lift him.

I'm not that old but I took a tumble today, not over the side but off the seat on the boat and onto the deck. Got a bit of a buffeting as a gin palace went past causing one hell of a wash but that is another story. I fell badly and I did have a job lifting myself off the deck plus I was the only one aboard. 

Both events brought it home to me today. Boating does require a degree of both ability and fitness. 

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1 hour ago, JanetAnne said:

Have to mate. If SWMBO was to detect even a hint of weakness it'd be curtains!

She's already suggesting I need a younger man and a pair of jump leads on standby :default_sad:

The undoubted joys of a demanding woman!  Tis why us sailing boat owners have blocks and tackle onboard!!

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