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Over the Boarder ?


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John, with respect, and one of whom three out of four great grandmothers were Scots, I do realise that for many of us, 100% Scots too, that this is a serious matter. Serious or not the Scots that I know are great leg pullers, and sometimes very droll they are at it too, so, for once, the leg pull is on the other leg, so to speak. Your concern is noted, but I suspect that if the poll answer is 'Yes' then the humour floodgates will open!

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I think Iain is working on a fantastic response in 'Word' and he'll copy paste when ready. I'm with him all the way. (Until his nose bleeds and then he's on his own).  cheersbar  cheersbar

I think we have made him vote yes now just to get us back!.. (Iain.. no harm intended although I do like the blue bit on the red ensign ..) 

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Due to health problems, I have been out car hunting to replace my motability car. I am now going to reply as best I can, I aint a politician :naughty:


Right, I aint going into great detail, but brief replies to some if not all posts.


Craig, passports ...read the print on it, its a EUROPEAN Passport so I can go anywhere, I so wish. :P


JM, we are a very proficient inventive nation as it is, Macadam Roads, Fleming penicilin, Watson Watt ..Radar need I go on? Lots more.


Watershed, Au pair Do you??? Oh errr :oops:


Great Escape..yes the "Mole" died this week. RIP.


JM the only floodgates that will open, are all the bottles of whisky to celebrate a win or lose depending which way folks have voted.


I have not replied till now as I felt its not a subject for discussion by me.


At least my day was not wasted, I hopefully will have my new car next week or  by the end of the month.


Frank, can I supply the cement n sand? :naughty:



cheers Iain

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Many years ago on a day trip over to Cherbourg from Weymouth, I watched Renaults being put onto a ship. The Renault 5 was being wheelied onto the ship lol. So any poor sod in the boot would be black n blue I would have guessed. :naughty:


What has surprised me is, cars you think their boots are big, when you see them in the flesh, they aint. The Scenic has 555 litre boot. That should be big enough for the wifes weekly shopping :naughty:  Also big enough for a few crates of whisky too! That I canny have :cry  :norty:



cheers Iain.

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