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If this came up 6 months ago.


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I`ve just been advised by fellow forumite Blue Moon of the sale of Maffett Cruisers original Kingfisher. on Boatshed for £10,450. Apparently she is in need of a lot of work, but not too much if you have the kills to diy.




I put on a post only last night i would be more than interrested if this boat came up for sale, but now i`ve spent out on a few extras, it`s no longer an option.



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That`s a coincidence, that` was the first thing that came into my head.


It sounds as though John from Maffetts has had a look at it, as i was told he`d quoted a figure (yard prices) possibly as much as £10,000 ish in work.There`s a bit of rot in one of the fwd lockers, but nothing serious, but also things like wiring and batteries, and i think the engine. and possibly even the gas system etc etc.It`s also coincidence that there`s a thread regarding the cost of boating, with several posts refering to how boats deteriorate when not used. This boat has been under cover for years, so has not been able to be ventilated. Yet another classic example.


I thinki i might be able to stretch to £5,000 :naughty: :naughty: .

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Good luck if you go for it Neil, for goodness sake don't let Alan (JawsOrca) see it he'll have your side lining ripped and do all sorts of things with your prop thingy Lol .


Hmm might have guessed Gracie wid be in there up to her arm pits in bilge oil :bow , blaming that quiet, young, easy going, widny scare a flea Alan :naughty:(I'm sure that its wat his parents said on here :naughty: ) . Oh BTW Neil goooooooooo for it! :clap


cheers Iain.

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Kingfisher is a Bounty build with custom timber top. She IS as Clive says built on a DC30 hull. Bounty built 4 i believe, one of which is, or was, called "Goodall Gal" and moored in Stalham, possibly Broads edge. She was the one that was called Cherokee and hired through Paul pleasure craft at Beccles (not to be confused with Poolcraft) which later became "Arrow Boats".


The other 2 were in the Swancraft fleet (Regent and Regina?) which i think had slightly different cabin sides, though they may have been modified at a later date.


Totally agree with Blue Moon too, she WAS a stunner, and with a little work could still be so.


She was always my favourite hireboat.

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Oh No Neil.. have you catch the restoration bug from us from yesterday ;) 


To be honest she doesn't look too bad (I was gonna say offer £4k but it looks ok .. I'd say £6k looks good.. timber looks ok in the pics but you will probably have work to do.. if superstructure is bad go in at £4k... Ton's of character!


Do it.. I mean don't do it.. do it... ;)

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