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What would you do next?


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So here's the scenario:
You're sitting on the front of your OWN boat fishing and about 50 feet away you can see someone preparing to reverse for the space next to you.
Then your boat starts rocking as someone comes walking along the side of your boat.
"Just going to help him in" he says..... moving your landing net out of the way so he can get right to the front.
What would you do here?
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So I tell the chap to get off the boat, explaining you don't just walk onto someone elses boat and he says "Yep...as soon as I help him in"
So I stand up and tell him again to get himself off the boat and I'll deal with helping the boat get in when it gets here.
Then his son, on the boat the other side of the empty space says "Dad, just get off the boat"
Dad says "But he's TELLING me to get off the boat!"
Liz, who had been laying on the sofa in the sun also tells him to get off as he's not insured to be on there and he huffs and starts moving.
I have to tell you though.... I was this close......grrrrr!!
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Out of interest what about if you were not on your boat?

Moored at Ranworth once I was watching a "full throttle Fredie" trying to stern moor next to a nice old unattended wooden Broom. It was only a matter of time before he clumped it so I walked down the side of it and helped them moor. I even took my shoes off!

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Ok, Yes I can fully understand your anger and frustration, not to mention the temptation to offer physical assistance to introduce him to the fishes that had previously been ignoring you, but for the moment I'm trying to understand his thinking (not excuse him but understand him)


My guess is that he...


A. thought that his actions were the norm when assisting another boat, and

B. that he thought as most boats were hire craft, yours was too and

C. that your response was (given the other two points) unreasonable.


Your restraint was admirable and I can only hope that his son had a chat with him and straightened him out.


Alternatively, you have just met a complete slob who should be held under with a boat hook.


Edited to add, Matt, an excellent course of action. we all try to 'defend' unattended boats or at least should.

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If I'm not on my boat........and you are protecting it by helping someone moor safely........fell free to walk up and down it all day.


But when the sliding canopy is back........Liz is sunbathing and I'm up front fishing...... then you behave exactly like a vampire.


You do NOT set foot on or across the threshold without an invite.



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Well, I think that you are all wrong! Yes, he should have asked before boarding, but surely we all have an interest in helping each other, it's what boating has long been about. Personally I would have also offered to help. After all, another time and it might have been me requiring help.


Peter......I always offer to help people moor......and did so on this occasion.


The only reason I hadn't already moved was that they were still 30ft away.


I explained politely to the guy twice that he can't just walk aboard other boats.......and that I would help anyway.


I got a bit peeved when he was refusing to get off because I was TELLING him to do so.

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This is tricky - after all, this is your boat - your property, and you are enjoying it and along comes a stranger walking all over it.  Not nice.


However I have tried to put myself in your position and I think I would have had an initial and then subsequent  reaction:


Initially I would have been surprised feeling the boat move, then someone coming along it - who is he and  what does he want with me is what would run through my mind - defensive and ready for confrontation - I guess that is the London vibe where everyone is an enemy when randomly approaching you until proved otherwise such as someone asking you the time usually means they want to see what watch/phone you have to see if worth trying to nick.


Upon him saying what he was doing (wanting to help another boat in) I would not have told him where to go or been rude - I'd have 'got it' (what his intention was) but said it would have been nice to have asked to come on my boat to help but now I could see waht was happening, I'll sort them out and he go back to the bank ready to take their lines and help that way.


Hope of course he now would have got the hint to get off my boat.

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I remember asking permission to board a boat at Ranworth once. There was a fair bit of incompetent helming going on, and the skipper and crew of lovely private boat tied up were having kittens. Eventually the helm of the boat causing all the fun roared off, and in so doing, jerked his poor wife off the back into the water. Now the only way to help her was along the side decks of the privateer and nobody aboard was doing anything other than running about and shouting about nearly being hit.. No sign of the poor woman!

"Permission to board, skipper?" Says I . Affirmative reply so I then sprinted to the bow, peered over and said, 'I can't see her?!' A little voice under my feet replied, ' I'm here.' And there indeed she was hanging on to the anchor chain right under the bow! We got her sorted and all was well, eventually 'hubby' got himself back to pick her up! The whole thing was a bit surreal!

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I guess that is the London vibe where everyone is an enemy when randomly approaching you until proved otherwise such as someone asking you the time usually means they want to see what watch/phone you have to see if worth trying to nick.


Born and bred in the East End mate.......Stratford.


That vibe never leaves you.

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