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Hi Eveyone


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Welcome to the site there is plenty of helpful people here.

If your Holiday includes the first week in August and you intend going through Horning, keep an eye out for the notice I'll post a couple of weeks before about the chaos we cause with Horning regatta, IT hopefully would help you through...

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6 hours ago, Chelsea14Ian said:

:welcome:Judy,let's here a bit about you. Will it be your first trip on the broads,and where do you intend to visit.

Best wishes ian

Yes it will be my first time and we will be visiting Potter Heigham, London, beccles , Waverley river centre, oultom broad, Great Yarmouth, Tamworth broad and salehouse nroad.

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Wow that is an adventure taking in otherwise unknown waterways connecting the Broads to London and Tamworth :naughty:

Seriously though that is a nice boat you've got book from a decent yard who's boats are always gleaming and well equipped.

If you need help nearer the time with when is best to travel to the southern rivers and tides and so on let us know.

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Ooh, that's a good tip. I was thinking, best get off the northern rivers asap on this coming bank holiday weekend, as we're picking up our boat on Saturday. But the Windguru forecasts suggest quite strong winds Sunday and Monday so I'm wondering if it's sensible to plan Breydon Water crossing those days, plus your comment about avoiding weekends. 

Any more advice out there?


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Welcome along Judy. :wave

That's certainly quite a list of places to visit ... someone must have been doing some reading or researching to have worked all that out already. ;)

Fair Emperor should be a lovely boat. NBD's boats always look amongst the most well turned out on the rivers. Are you on board for one week or two? If it's two you can certainly cover north and south but if only one week, and it's your first time, I would stay north. But each to their own ... that's the point of a holiday with so much freedom to choose what to do and where to go. 

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 A very warm welcome aboard from me, Judy :wave

We have done North and South in one week but it is a lot of cruising, I would go with the excellent advice above and stay North. It will be very busy in August so finding a mooring at a pub for the night you will have to bag a spot quite early in the afternoon, we normally have a lunch time stop at a pub, cruise for a little while and then mud weight on one of the beautiful Broads or wild moor. Ask at the yard about these options, a bit of common sense and you should have no problems.

Above all else, take it slow, stick to the speed limits, you will have the most wonderful time and probably when you take the boat back, the bug will have bit and you will experience the 'coming home from the Broads blues'  the only cure is to book another boat and that will be it for the rest of your holidaying lives

Whatever you decide have a smashing time

Grace :Stinky


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