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Diesel Prices


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I'm taking a much deeper interest in passage planning than usual in a bid to keep consumption down.  While this is probably sensible, we'll see what really happens when we get hands on to our boat at the end of May!  Meanwhile, is there any chance of members living closer to the Broads, as well as current hirers, helping to update this page:


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1 hour ago, Bluebell said:

I can’t get my boat anywhere near “my local friendly farmer’s” oil tank…:4_joy:

:default_biggrin:  We had a good customer (friend) who contracted to a large concern that were changing all their red diesel fired heating over to kerosene boilers.  They had hundreds of gallons of 'red' available free for our liesure use on the understanding we did not sell it.  I did not have to buy diesel for our twin engined boats for a number of years.

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Griff, a quick google search indicates that it will, the website I found even states that it doesnt matter whether its dyed red or not (as it is being used for heating its a perfectly legitimate use for red diesel) though it does mention that cotton wicks work better with diesel than fibreglass ones


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On 20/03/2022 at 10:34, OldBerkshireBoy said:

Swancraft at Brundall is currently £1.40, as always best to call ahead nearer the day.

Right own up who was it that took all the diesel from Swancraft!  :default_2gunsfiring_v1::default_2gunsfiring_v1::default_2gunsfiring_v1:

I`ve just heard that they are awaiting delivery and unable to give a price at the moment as the supplier is changing their price on a daily basis.  :default_badday:

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